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Three Little Birds

…or the time I ate 3 rotisserie chickens in one week.

Last week I had lots of visits and rather than spend all my time in the kitchen preparing a meal, I decided to forgo the nonsense for something quick, easy, and delicious.

On Tuesday, I made the Neelys’ white chicken chili.

On Wednesday, I made nectarine, brie, and chicken flatbreads from Better Homes and Gardens:

image from bhg

But rather than making the dainty dish seen above, I altered the recipe a little by first piling each flatbread with a boat load of chicken and  then serving the salad on the side because y’all know that serving suggestion right there is not going to satisfy anyone for dinner. I should also mention that even when deconstructed, the flat bread still manages to look pretty so yay for that!

On Thursday, I made How Sweet Eats bbq chicken enchiladas which is a staple ’round these parts. I make those enchiladas at least once a month without fail. If you don’t follow Jessica from How Sweet Eats, you’re totally missing out! She has to be my most favorite food bloggers as she comes up with such creative and incredibly delicious dishes! She’s got a book coming out in a few short weeks and I cannot wait to devour it (pun intended of course).

You’d think I’d stop there once the chickens were consumed but no. With the last chicken, I threw the bones along with some carrots, celery, onion, salt and pepper, into my crockpot to make a stock that I used to flavor Emeril’s jambalaya.

It’s a surprise we haven’t sprouted wings from all the chicken we consumed! But whatever, at least I vary the flavors and “cuisines” so it’s always something different. And before you go thinking that every night means bird in our house, lemme tell ya otherwise! One week, I made three dinners using a bag of chickpeas I cooked up myself: we had chickpea burgers, chickpea stew, and couscous salad featuring chickpeas. This summer has been the season of “the special ingredient.” It’s like I’m hosting my own Food Network Channel up in this piece!

So tell me, what’s your favorite way to eat rotisserie chicken?

P.S. I don’t like eating the rotisserie chicken straight up. I clearly love using it in things but served as is? No thanks. Funny, huh?

Baby: Month 3

The other day I was reading a post about good toys to spark imagination. Yes I know it’s too early to be thinking about such things but those are the types of things I google during 3am feedings (which have kicked back up after disappearing since week 6). I guess she’s going through what they call sleep regression? Missy use to sleep from 10p-6a but now goes to bed at 9p and wakes up at 3a to feed. It’s not hellish, just a little groan-inducing but hey, it’s what babies do, right? They change and grow and my job is just to roll with the punches!

Speaking of which, omg, she seems to grow leaps and bounds lately which leads to some serious tantrums. Her nickname has gone from Narco (short for narcoleptic) to Tiny Tyrant because sometimes she can be a little unnerving when she goes into her seemingly random fits of rage. The other night my mom was watching her while I picked up dinner and I walked into missy having a fit and my mom looking helpless as she wasn’t taking the bottle or pacifier. Meanwhile I’m like, “Listen here kid, calm down! You are going to be OKAY!” And after I put her in the sling (we have the boba wrap and love it) and bounced a few times while pacing the hall, she settled and took the bottle my mom had warmed up. Lessons learned while caring for an infant: do not lose your cool or they win, haha. I’m pretty sure they can smell fear.

ANYWAY, back to the beginning of this story: toys to cultivate creativity. The post I read suggested plain wooden blocks which took me back to my own childhood and the endless hours I spent playing with my set of playskool wood blocks:

Pic from Ebay Listing

Pic from Ebay Listing

I had this exact set of blocks that were handed down to me from a family friend. I loved loved LOVED playing with them! Of course I assumed my mom gave them away so I bookmarked an etsy shop that sold some for future reference.

Well when my parents came over this weekend, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask my mom if she still had the blocks.. As luck would have it, (read: my mother is a pack rat) she kept them! I will be able to pass them on to my little bug! Isn’t that cool? I’m so stoked!

Now if only Ale’s mom had kept his legos…but I guess that’s what we have ebay or Craigslist, right?

What were some of your favorite toys growing up?

Taking a Breather

Last week I spent a fair amount of time away from the baby since I’ve had her and I didn’t realize how necessary it was! While I’m so incredibly attached and I just want to squeeze the beejeez out of her ALL THE TIME, it’s not healthy. I need to remind myself to take some time off from being “on” 24/7.

Last Thursday, I had my neighbor watch her I could go to my first dental cleaning in ages. That was the first time I left bug with someone other than my parents and of course it was fine! It was more than fine! Not only did Carol have fun babysitting, I’m happy to report I have no cavities and like my new dental office.

Then on Saturday morning, I went to get a much needed haircut. I totally bonded with the hair stylist over kids and she also reminded me that me-time is an absolute must for moms. Duly noted! Next time, I’m thinking I should extend my visit and get some highlights!

Later that night, we went to a friend’s house for one of our big group dinners and Ale checked on the baby while I enjoyed a glass of wine (or two). That was the first time I truly enjoyed a drink since the baby was born. Before that, I only had a sip of Ale’s drink here and there but now that the little miss sleeps through the night, pour me some grape juice! (Side note, I made this killer tomato pie as part of my contribution for dinner and I highly suggest you make one asap, especially since we’re in prime tomato time! Email me if you’re interested in the recipe!)

On Sunday, while Ale took the baby out for brunch with his grandma, I treated myself to a mani/pedi. I went with some bright neon shades (I used the ring finger neon yellow shade on my feet)

neon mani

And because Ale had had a big brunch, I took a night off from cooking dinner and took a long afternoon nap. Talk about living the vida loca up in here! So after the most restful weekend in forever, I had the most pleasant week ever! I now realize the importance of taking time for myself. It is more than okay to step back, let someone else take over, and r-e-l-a-x. I found myself in a better place every night this week. I didn’t feel snappy, moody, or overextended. Let’s hope I’ve learned my lesson and don’t let another three months roll by before I take a break.

Over and out!