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36 Weeks

How far along? 36 weeks
Size of baby: 6 lbs-ish? Don’t have exact measurements, just going by what the internet tells me!
Mater­nity clothes? Maternity pants never leave my (back)side! As far as tops, I stopped by Target a few weeks ago and picked up some more regular Merona t-shirts in XL while they had a $5 sale that I pair with Target Mossimo long and lean tanks. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t actually like making the plunge and buying full-on maternity tops. Maybe because they’re more expensive? I’ve basically survived this entire pregnancy wearing fitted tees (long and short-sleeved) with tanks. Whenever I do try on blousy, flowy maternity tops and dresses, it looks bad. Real bad. Even Ale’s been like…”errr, stick to the tees, you look cuter in those.” Bless his heart.
Sleep: It’s okay. It was really rough a few weeks ago, but now it’s not the worst. I prefer to sit rather than stand, that’s for sure. But getting out of couches and beds is hard as heck.
Movement: Oh man, is she ever moving! She loves to hang out on my right side. She finally gave me stretch marks there. She makes big movements to adjust herself. So weird to watch it happen. Oh and she definitely gets hiccuping fits at least twice a day. It feels like a heartbeat rhythmically tapping along for a few minutes.
What I miss: Being able to know my size and shop online at my favorite stores (Jcrew Factory, Loft). I’m in a holding pattern now till the little one comes up and lets me know what I’ve got to work with this summer.
Cravings/Food aversions: I decided I needed pizza last night for dinner. I do find myself giving in to food cravings as they pop up. I like carbs. I needs carbs all the time. I am currently devouring a bag of frosted animal crackers.
Other Symptoms: I’ve got a rash on my feet. Apparently those with allergies are prone to bouts of eczema.
What made me cry this week: Nothing.
Favorite moment this week: Watching Ale go nuts over our friend’s 5 month baby girl. He held her the entire time we visited them. He’s ready. He wants his baby NOW!


  • 34 weeks pregnant…which means my kid is more or less 6 weeks away from making her debut. What?
  • Drinking Archer Farms French Roast coffee. I like medium/dark blends and this one is a winner in my book. Just the right amount of depth without being bitter.
  • Reveling in how incredibly generous and thoughtful my friends are. This past weekend, my friends Lucy and Amanda threw little miss and me a surprise Lilly Pulitzer themed baby shower! Assisted by my husband, they were able to invite all sorts of folks, some I hadn’t seen since the wedding almost two years ago! It was so nice to share this special time with so many people. Feeling so incredibly blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life!
  • Oohing and Ahhing over Jess‘s work! She was in on the surprise shower and came up to take maternity photos for Ale and I in littlemiss’s nursery. We had originally planned to take outdoor pics but the weather ended up being dreary and drizzly but Jess made it work!! And afterwards, she suggested we drive to Lucy’s house for lunch as a way to get me to the shower! Sneaky!!

    credit: Jessica Faith Photography

  • Wondering when I’ll blog the nursery for you. It’s finally complete! I’m in love. And I hope you’ll love it too! I definitely sit in it sometimes and quietly soak up the happiness I feel at little miss’s impending arrival. Soon!…But hopefully not too soon! I tell her, TAKE YOUR TIME! DON’T RUSH! Meanwhile, her father is like, HURRY UP!! Dear baby, don’t listen to him.

And with that, lemme stop before I make you all sick with my sappiness! Thanks for stopping by!


Home Improvements

We finally put our stamp on our home this past weekend! We changed something minor which led to a big improvement. We have a U-shaped kitchen with stupid floating cabinets above the peninsula. I’ve hated those cabinets since I first laid eyes on them in the house listing pictures. I thought, if we end up in this house, that’s the first thing to go! Disclaimer: The actual first thing to go was the dog run in the backyard but Ale removed that the first weekend we moved in and that didn’t really bother me so it doesn’t count, haha.

We kept talking about removing the cabinets for months but Ale finally did something about it on Saturday night. He was sitting on the kitchen counter and said, “All right, going to take the cabinets down.” Just like that! Did I mention he’s having sympathy pregnancy symptoms and also has serious case of nesting?

So armed with his trusty electric screwdriver, a pile of books, and some barstools, he pulled down the cabinets which really opened up the kitchen:



The same lighting is on in both pictures but look how dark and cave-like the cabinets made the space! Now we have to choose some pendant lighting to go above the peninsula as well as patch up that hole you see in the suffit in the “after” picture (not Ale’s fault, it was hiding under the cabinets all along).

So what do you think? We are slowly but surely making the house our own!