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Snow Day Essentials

We are supposedly in store for quite a snow storm ’round these here parts. I’m in the “yay snow” camp because I’m fortunate enough to work for a university that has snow days!

What do I need when “stuck” indoors? (Stuck being used loosely here because I LOVE being snowbound): 2 dozen eggs, a freshly opened bag of flour, sugar, and 4lbs of butter! Oh and prayers that the electricity doesn’t go out because my oven is electric, eep! My back-up plan is to run over to the neighbors house because they have gas. (Wipes brow)

If you happen to be stuck indoors too, may I suggest you bake/make:

Barefoot Contessa’s Lemon Yogurt Cake (I subbed lime for lemon, greek yogurt for the regular yogurt, and coconut oil for the vegetable oil)

Two Peas and their Pod Lemon Sugar Cookies (pillowy centers and crisp edges, soo good! You won’t be able to stop at one!)

Waffles from (they freeze well so you can make a big batch and enjoy them over the week)

Old Fashioned Pancakes from (these also freeze well)

Hey and who knows, maybe with the extra free time, I’ll get to work on more art for the nursery! It’s coming along so swimmingly, I can’t wait to show you!

What do you like to do/eat on a snow day?

I Done Did It Again

You can keep the preggo from running, but that don’t mean you can keep the preggo from racing. Yep, I did it again. I couldn’t help myself! I signed up for yet another race while toting a little gumdrop in my belly. Ever since completing a 10k back in November during my second semester (and a half during my first), I’ve kept the idea of completing a race during my third and last trimester in the back of my mind. How cool would it be to tell my kid, “Yep, I did THREE races while you were chilling in mah belly! Wacha think of me now?” She’ll probably roll her eyes and say, “Okay mom, whatever.”

This time around, I will be walking a 5k (3.1miles). Scratch that, most likely I’ll be waddling 3 miles as I’ll be 7 months along by March 8. The race supports women of domestic abuse (great cause) and I’ll be joined by a friend who lives not too far from the start line. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we’ll have a jolly good time catching up with one another and celebrate our accomplishments with some brunch!

Best part is that my my blog friend Maria will be doing her own 5k the following day on the west coast. Since we can’t do a 5k together, this is the next best thing! We’ll support one another in spirit! Everybody wins!

24 Weeks

How far along? Homegirl and I have been hanging out together for six whole months!

Baby’s Size: 1.5lb and about the length of an ear of corn, so says the computer

Maternity clothes? Uh, shyeah! I’ve been rocking maternity jeans since around week 10. They’re like pajama jeans (you’ve seen the informercials right?) For shirts, I have only purchased 1 legit maternity shirt and have been wearing regular shirts with long tanks from Target. Tried ordering maternity shirts from Gap but they’re too long on my short torso so I look like I’m wearing sleep shirts. Guess I’ll have to go to the store and try stuff on…uggggh.

Best moment this week: Figuring out what I want for the nursery! Haven’t actually bought anything yet but having a plan brings me such relief! Also, going shopping with my mom for baby clothes and seeing her light up at all the little girl things. She has also unearthed old baby clothes of mine and my sister and oh my gosh, the cuteness and love. It’s pretty spectacular.

Miss anything? Being able to order clothes online without having to return EVERYTHING. Wah.

Movement: She’s rocking and rolling…sometimes. It’s not consistent but when she does move, I can definitely feel it. It’s so weird/awesome.

Food cravings: Food in general. I’m hungrier now than before. She says, FEED ME SEYMORE!

Anything making you queasy or sick: I haven’t prepared chicken in a long ass time. Bought a couple of rotisserie chickens here and there and used them in recipes but I’m still turned off by the idea of handling raw chicken. Also, even to this day, nausea sets in if I don’t keep up with my six mini meals a day. I’m telling you, she’s a hungry little critter.

Gender: Baby GIRL!

Labor signs: Nope.

Symptoms: If I sit in my office chair too long, my butt hurts. If I try running too many errands in one day, my back and feet will hurt. I have been congested since the first trimester and I don’t see it ending until I evict this girl. I take claritin (which has been cleared by the doctor) here and there, but otherwise, I just keep a stack of tissues with me at all times.

Belly button in or out? In!

Happy or moody most of the time: pretty keen most of the time. However, if i get irritated, I feel myself really lean into the anger.

Looking forward to: Putting together the nursery!