Reluctant Runner

In the summer of 2011, amidst finishing my grad degree and planning my wedding, I took up running as a means to de-stress and look good in my dress.

I started my journey into running by completing a couch to 5k program, as inspired by my friends Jessica and Ags. I relied on Suz’s podcasts to get me through each run. Had it not been her awesome playlists, I would have never finished the program. I did most of my runs outside June-August before joining a gym in September.

After completing the c25k in August, I ran my first 5k with a 36:40 finish. My only goal was to finish within 40 minutes. Hooray!

Two months later, I ran my second 5k (Run with Santa) in December (34:36 finish).

Then in November 2011, per a friend’s suggestion upon my friend hearing I had taken up running, I signed up for the Rock-N-Roll Half Marathon in DC, slated for March 2012.

I trained for 16 weeks and on March 17, 2012, I completed my first half marathon in 2:31:47!

Running is better with friends!

Running is not easy for me, but I sure like the challenge and accountability it provides. I like to run races for the swag, free food, and hey, it’s something different to do on a Saturday other than sleep in.

2012 Races:

3/17 Rock and Roll DC Half Marathon
4/27 AFCEA 5K PR
7/21 Rockville Twilight 8K
9/21 Color Run 5k
11/22 Turkey Chase 10k
12/1 Jingle Bell 5k

2013 Races:

2/2 Penguin Pace 5k
4/20 Glo Run 5k
4/29 AFCEA 5k

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