Hello Blog World!

Okay, so….I guess I’ll start.:::deep breathe in:::.
Yeah, I guess I’ve done this before, with the xanga and the livejournal. But luckily no one can read those anymore. I actually found my xanga the other day and almost died of embarrassment upon reading the goofy things I said/thought in college,  .:::shudders at the thought:::.

Anyway…I’m in library school. Yep, I’m going to be…a librarian. So that’s why I’m here. I figure I need to embrace technology in all its glory. That’s how I ended up with a twitter account. I figure, I need to know how to navigate the different facets of social networking and up to date fads so that I can teach people about it. Nowadays librarians are like guardians of technology.  At schools, they are “media” specialists, and tend to troubleshoot for teachers and stuff, especially when the designated IT guy isn’t around.  Being an “information specialist” means I need to be in the know about…information, haha

But yeah. I’ll be updating you (I don’t know who “you” is at this point) with all the things I occupy myself with when I really should be doing homework, hence the name, procrastination station.

I avoid this homework by crafting, cooking and baking.  I LOVE such sites as design*sponge, thekitchn and of course, if you are truly a craftster, you cannot forget to mention the domestic diva herself, Martha!

So today I leave you with one of the biggest reasons I finally decided to start blogging: Weddingbee, just an super fun blog ring of super cute brides with super cute names, that take you through their wedding planning process with super cute DIY ideas along the way. Did I mention it’s super cute? 😉 So…you gotta have a blog to get picked to be a Miss (featured blogger) on Weddingbee….so….I WANNA BE A BEE!!

‘Course, I’m not getting married for another two years (gotta finish school first, d’uh) so who knows if I’ll still be here amusing you 7 months before my wedding (the minimum time you can apply before your wedding), but bare with me till then, and who knows, you can say you were there from the beginning. Haha…yep. K bye!


2 thoughts on “Hello Blog World!

  1. bluebutterfly10

    welcome to the blog world! yay weddingbee….it was my extra kick in the pants to get blogging…I had wanted to share my ideas and journey and weddingbee showed me how fun blogging can be. 2 years is a ways a way, but I think your voice might just pull me in 🙂

    1. peachyplum Post author

      Thanks so much for stopping by! If anything, I promise to amuse you with cooking and crafts, even if they won’t be wedding relate for awhile 😉


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