I scream, You scream, we all scream for (Night) Cream!

From Clinique.com

Hahaha, love my title?
No seriously, I just turned 25 and realized my forehead has these little crepe paper crinkles and they are so not welcomed as a quarter century present!

And looking at pictures of people I went to high school makes me realize, tanning does NOT do the body good because those girls have the skin of a 40 year old to prove it! Fer sure!

So in my quest to look awesome, especially for that :::special day:::, I rummaged through my free gifts with purchase collection and found Clinique night cream and slathered that sucker on like there was no tomorrow! Since it was sample size, I went on the website to check out the retail price…$48.50…eep! And they just changed the formula from Repairwear to Youth Surge…yeah whatever, so long as I don’t look like a LiLo, I’m golden!

I was one of those people that thought, night cream? Pfff, what a waste of money. It’s just another marketing ploy by cosmetic companies trying to shake out every last penny out of me. What difference would night cream have against daily moisturizer?…Now I know! Ha. The closer I get to 30, the more my body says, “hey, what we did a few years ago, that shit don’t fly no more, try harder!”

And with that said…Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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