Okay I promise I’ll post more, I swear!
Now, my miracle product endorsement of the week: Rainbow Light Women’s One Vitamins!
Forget Centrum and One-A-Day blah blah blahs. They make me feel sick to my stomach, whether I take them with a full stomach or not. I feel nauseous and just plain gross.

However, I know I tend to be anemic and need to take more vitamins/minerals in me like iron. Especially because I don’t typically eat a lot of red meat. So in my research to live my life vicariously through Jillian Michaels, my fitness idol, I read somewhere that she liked Rainbow Light. When I tweeted her about what vitamins she recommended, she said she liked some biometrics stuff (aka expensive, custom tailored, not in my budget). So…I was like, whatever, I’ll take my chances on this Rainbow Light, it’s “all natural,” whatever that means. I picked some up at my local Whole Foods one night, along with some Omega 3 supplements. Can I tell you these vitamins changed my life?? My nails have grown exponentially since I started using it. And not only are they long, they’re strong (and like to get the friction on…sorry I digress). No serious, my nails are like, well, dry wall nails, haha.

And then one of my friends said I should check out prenatal vitamins because they are suppose to strengthen your hair and what not. So of course, I went out and bought Rainbow Light Prenatal and now my hair is thicker and healthier!
OH! and did I forget to mention how I am usually lactose sensitive and when I use a tablespoon of creamer in my coffee, my stomach would grumble like whoa. Since the vitamins have probiotics in them, I no longer have tummy trouble! Previously, my stomach would groan so loudly, people thought it was their own stomach making the commotion….yeah….it was bad!

So yeah, if you are in the market for some vitamins, GO GET YOURSELF RAINBOW LIGHT! They are simply amazing and I tell EVERYONE about them.

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3 thoughts on “VITA-MEATA-VEGAMIN

  1. lifewithacrazypup

    Yay I’m so happy you found my blog because now I’ve found yours!! Multi vitamins always make me feel super nausous! Almost so much that I would rather not take them. I’m definitely going to pick these up! Do you know if they sell them other places besides Whole Foods?

    We have so much in common! Go Terps! And you’re engaged too! 🙂

    1. peachyplum Post author

      According to the Target website, they may sell it in stores and I only say “may” bc I went to my local Target once and didn’t find it, but then again, the website says my local Target has “limited availability” versus the OTHER Targets in the area have “in stock.” Walmart doesn’t carry the brand, and CVS pharmacy and Walgreens carry it online but I’m not sure if they have it in store. Yay! I’m excited you’re willing to jump on my bandwagon because I seriously, tell EVERYONE about them, haha.

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