Ladies & Gentlemen….

We have a winner! The wedding theme will be…

:::drumroll please::::

A Midsummer Night’s Dream!

Yes, that is what we are entitling this production. In the past week, I have discovered what may be the venue, created a theme around it and also came up with menu ideas.  I apologize for not updating sooner but I did not have my laptop with me all last week.

So where is this beautiful, wondrous, magical event going to take place, you ask?

Why, at (either) The Rust Manor House in Leesburg, VA


Woodend Santuary in Chevy Chase, MD

They are both owned by the Audubon Naturalist Society and are beautiful old mansions on acres of land. Because they are owned by the ANS, part of your venue rental fee is tax-exempt and considered a donation! Isn’t that cool? I stumbled upon these eco-friendly venues by accident because I was originally considering vineyards but these popped up in my search on some random bridal website at midnight on a quiet Saturday night. After seeing the pictures of both sites and being starstruck, I went to bed dreaming of them >< Cheesy I know, but they looked so sweet!

AND!!! Not only does the tax exempt feature catch my eye (and wallet), but both sites let you bring your own alcohol! YES!!!! Do you know how much money I can save by buying my own booze?? Especially if I go to Leesburg and buy beer and wine in bulk at Costco, which is RIGHT BY THE SITE?! I swear, it was meant to be.

My really awesome, super cool friend Ags (names have been changed to protect the innocent, and should they be wondering how they heck I’ve come up with their pseudonyms, the names are a play on initials) drove me to check out Rust Manor House since we were meeting up for dinner in the area.  Can I tell you how much we both liked it? I mean we just did a quick drive by but just the path leading up to the house was so pretty. There was an event being held at the time, which we assumed was a wedding so we got to see the tent sent up.  They had a live band playing…boo….that won’t be in my budget, haha. Oh well.

Other huge developments include a date. I think I would like to have the epic event held on either Friday May 25 or Sunday May 27, 2012.  Either way, I’d like it to be Memorial Day weekend of that year so that out of town guests can have a chance to enjoy the long weekend as a mini vacation and take in some sights should they so choose.  And that way I can save money versus having a Saturday wedding. Hey man, gotta make that budget stretch as far as possible. Oh, and not to mention, we celebrate our dating anniversary on Memorial Day weekend (we don’t go by an official date, so it changes every year, haha)

AND THE MENU! I want croquettes as one of the hors d’oeuvres, which means we might as well have a french themed menu because CLEARLY, one item needs to dictate the whole thing, hahaha. With that in mind, I’d like to have cream puffs or strawberry napoleons as one of the desserts (no I will not have colorful macaroons, I refuse to get into that fad)

OH! and COLORS! I also decided colors this week(This was a big week for wedding planning as it was my only distraction at work seeing I don’t have any schoolwork to do).  And the colors are…

:::drumroll please,…again:::

Aubergine & Citron, AKA pretty purple and gorgeous green.

And here are some inspiration boards for you to admire to see where I got my ideas from (I did not create any of these, because I figure, why reinvent the wheel?)

So I hope you approve because I definitely had fun this week, putting together a vision. I have way more things to share but I’ll leave you to digest all I have divulged.

P.S. Funny story. I told Ags to get me a peacock for my reception, to which she responded, “It’s all fun in games till you drag your dress through peacock shit.” She’s a riot.

One thought on “Ladies & Gentlemen….

  1. bluebutterfly10

    mmmm pretty purple and green (I am not biased at all LOL) …I love the theme idea and the food sounds incred!


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