Girls’ Weekend

This weekend I went to a wedding on Virgina’s Eastern shore as Ags’ date. I met some of her super fun college friends, who are all incredibly funny and charming, just like Ags! And the wedding was very sweet. The reception was at the bride’s mom & stepdad’s house. Can I tell you how gorgeous the grounds were? They set up a tent next to the house, and the views from the backyard are simply spectacular. And the weather was great! The sky was a beautiful blue and a nice breeze came in from the water. Oh yeah, did I mention the house was right by the water? Needless to say, I had a good time!

Ags & Me. Ain't she perrdy??

And I loved the cake and the party favors! They etched their monogram and date onto wine glasses that you used during the party and then took home with you! I thought it was genius and would totally match with my wine bottle guest book idea. Hmmm….I may have to steal this idea, haha.

Do you see the dock to the right? Yeah, the bride and groom made their getaway...ON A BOAT! How cool right?

The couple made their entrance in the teal Cadillac. Stylin'

I heart this!

Love the subtle detail on the cake and the lovebird cake topper

I hope you guys had a good weekend too! Tomorrow is Monday..when I start crack-a-lackin’ on that “getting fit” thing…right…we’ll see how that goes, d’oh! haha!


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