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I found this through a twitter feed of Mrs. Penguin (yes, more Weddingbee madness). I thought it was pretty good advice and hopefully I follow it, so I don’t bore the beegeezus out of you.

Four Tips for Creating a Better Wedding Blog

Scientists estimate that the human brain processes around 40,000,000 pieces of information every second. Of that 40 million, only 40 make it to the conscious brain.

How can you use this information to make your blog better? The answer is simple: curate both content and design. Here are some tips on how to do so effectively:

1. Instead of showing 50 photos from a wedding, choose the top ten. If you’re really struggling with this, show the top ten and then link to a gallery or slideshow that features more. This will give people the option to consume more based on their level of interest.

2. Use shorter paragraphs when you write and include a hard return between each. A long block of text is more difficult to read because it is more difficult for the brain to process. If people leave your site literally feeling tired they will be less likely to do business with you because they subconciously know that there is something about you that wears them out.

3. If you run ads on your site, the temptation to add more tiles in order to increase revenue is great. Avoid it. The paralysis of choice is at work here: when there are too many ad options to choose from, people tend not to click on them at all. Have your blog designer create white space between ads to allow for visual breathing room and be selective on how many you show.  If you need to increase ad inventory, consider selling geo-targeted ads that allow you to maximize prime blog real-estate and allow your advertisers to reach exactly who they want to. Your advertisers will be much more likely to renew and pay a premium for ad space that works and brings them a return.

4. Write less and say more. Other studies show that people stop reading text on websites after 400 words (which is why magazines that produce content for their websites the same way they do for print rarely see success online). If you have quite a bit to say on a topic, write it all out at once and then break it up into a blog series. As a bonus, you’ll now have blog content for two or three days instead of just one.

PS: This blog post is exactly 400 words.

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