Good ol’ clean fun!

So….reading wedding blogs and junk…like I do, I somehow stumbled onto these and thought they’d make an AWESOME favor:

They’re soapsicles! And they smell like yummy things like coconut and chocolate and watermelon and such! ‘Course these are $8 a pop (haha, I made a terrible funny) so that’s way too pricey but I am tempted to calculate the cost of DIYing these so we’ll see.

And after last weekend’s wedding where I wore my mega hawt black velvet BCBG peep toe shoes of  for an extended period of time (resulting in waking up the next day with the balls of my feet swollen and sore), I’ve gained a greater appreciation for Ms.Sunshine’s (weddingbee blogger) flipflop basket, as seen below:

...I got my swim trunks and my flippy-floppies...

Such baskets allow dancing divas like myself the luxury to take off their uber cute heels of PAIN, haha, and not run around all barefoot-like. So yeah, I’m pretty sure I will require this basket make an appearance at my soiree. The best part is you can score $1 flipflops at places like Old Navy (cha-ching).

And here’s another soapsicle shot, because I cannot get over how cute these things are! They look like they’d smell AMAZING!

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