Bells are a ringin’

I apologize for bombarding you all with multiple posts but I’m trying to catch up and write down all the things I want to say and unfortunately, the weekend is the only time I can do so.

Last weekend I attended a wedding for a girl I’ve known since the 4th grade (crazy, I know!) It was on a Sunday afternoon in Clarksburg, MD. Sunday evening weddings=no good. I feel you can’t party as hardy when an event is on a Sunday. I’m not saying a wedding has to be a crazy, wild event to be fun, but I envision mine as being one giant, kick-ass party, and my vision would not come to fruition should it be on a Sunday night because people would want to head out as early as possible to get ready for Monday.

I am fully aware that having weddings on a Sunday are heckuva lot cheaper than Saturday events and completely understand the desire to lower venue rental costs. However, if I wanted to save money on the venue, I would much rather have a Sunday brunch so that my guests could have the rest of the evening to do whatever they need to do before the work week.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll gladly admit to you the reason I want a Friday night wedding is because it’ll be cheaper than having it on a Saturday night  (gotta save dinero where you can, right?). I am not knocking KT’s choice or anyone’s else’s decision to have a Sunday night wedding,  I am simply saying that for me, having a Sunday evening wedding is not the best way to stay on budget.

With that said, here are some pictures from the wedding (click on the image to see a larger picture):

Chiavari Chair

Another thing that I’ve learned this past weekend was that while the bridal industry may tell us we NEED chiavari chairs to have a beautiful event, I personally feel the extra cost they incur may not be worth it. Yes, they are nice touch, but I wouldn’t beat myself up should they not fit the budget. I just think that most guests wouldn’t even notice the detail.  Not a sermon, just a thought.

Who else feels that other people’s weddings you attend are like dress rehearsals for you own event, making you take mental notes of what you feel may or may not work for you?


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