Unusual Centerpieces: Take 2

Hey kids, last time we were talking about different takes on centerpieces and how they don’t HAVE to be flowers.  So today, I will continue further exploring such ideas.  This first example IS flower based, but at least it’s not your usual run of the mill, square vase with flowers plucked right into it:

Cabbage Centerpieces from Realsimple.com

Here we have a fruit focused one:

From elseachelsea.typepad.com

Paper flowers:

From Apartmenttherapy.com

My friend did these for her engagement party:

Personal Photo

Then the most popular non-flower centerpiece:


From designervents.wordpress.com

And then of course..here’s my wildcard (okay fine, Ags really came up with the idea)

The Art and Craft of Terrariums as seen in the NYTimes

From modishblog.com

You could make little scenes inside that somehow reflect the wedding or you and your SO, or whatever! So yeah I’m definitely a fan of the unusual, atypical, and/or unique.  What else have you guys come up with or seen that struck your fancy?


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