Cocktails Anyone?

A big trend in weddings now is to serve signature cocktails. I for one, am ALL for it.  And if it’s as hot in your neck of the woods as it is here in Maryland, what a better way to cool off AND do some some research on finding your drink than to try these fabulously refreshing looking drinks?! I know I can’t wait to try some all of them! P.S. I can’t take the credit for finding these treasures, I had help from thekitchn

Cantaloupe Martinis from Bunkycooks

Frozen sangria slush from In Erika's Kitchen

Splashdown from Carrie Leber PR

And here are some non-alcoholic options that sound delish! (and I’m sure you could booze up, should you choose to 😉 )

Vanilla Lemonade from Setted

Watermelon Agua Fresca from Whats Gaby Cooking

As for me, I am most likely enjoying an icy cocktail as we speak for I gifted myself a long weekend in South Beach with the girls.  So I probably won’t be catching up with you till mid next week.

Until then, keep cool, and wish me luck in getting a tan (no seriously, I suck at getting that gorgeous, caramelious tan my people are known for, haha).

P.P.S. Can’t get enough? Want more? Check out this roundup of 15 icy drinks featured on thekitchn.  If you haven’t noticed, it’s my other web addiction aside from Wedding Bee.

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