Let there be light!

This past Sunday, a freak storm blew into the DC area. It probably lasted 15min. It was like hurricane weather with its crazy gusts of wind and rain blowing things every which way. Ags and I were driving through northern Virginia when someone’s kiddie pool flew into the middle of the street.  It was just nuts! Lots of trees were uprooted and branches were scattered all about the roads.

Afterward our errands, I stopped by Ags house before heading home. This was around 7pm. All was well at Ags’ place. HOWEVER, when I got home, FI was sitting in the dark. He said the power went out around 3p and hadn’t returned.  In fact, on my way back, I had noticed lots of the major intersections were out.  So we sat in the “romantic” candlelight for two hours having heavy conversations about life and went to bed around 10.

The next morning, I get a phone call from my dad telling me the law school is closed because they don’t have electricty. Woot! Free day off work! AWESOME! So once I roll out of bed,  I sat on my balcony to bask in the silence and sunshine, and do some light reading while enjoying a sesame bagel with raspberry cream cheese from Panera (mmmm, raspberry cream cheese). Later, I drove up to campus early so I could use the gym before class (burned 600 calories!) But when I got home at 9:30p…still no power!

Today, my dad calls me again to tell me the law school is closed till 11am. When I left the house at 10:30, the power was still not back on. On a side note, there was a blood drive at the law school at which I donated which thrills me because the last two times I tried, my iron count was too low. I’d like to thank you Rainbow Light multivitamins for bringing me back from the brink of anemia! And for donating, I received a coupon for a free pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, sweet!

So FINALLY, this afternoon, when I opened the front door at 6pm, I was greeted by the assuring humming of the a/c and the whirring of various computers on in FI’s office. Halle-FREAKIN-lujah! I do NOT like being without electricity for 2 1/2 days!

More like a life-source! Can't function properly without it!


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