I think I may be, single-handedly, the reason why Sesame Street had to convert Cookie Monster to Veggie Monster.  All those afternoons I spent watching my beloved Sesame Street, must be why I have such a manic love for COOKIES!

*Fun Fact: Did you know Jim Henson is a UMD alum? Go Terps!

Now while I am a pretty good baker, I can’t make chocolate chip cookies for the life of me! My cookies always end up looking like lacy, flat disks of disaster. Well that’s all changed now! Check out these puppies, straight out of the oven!:

I finally found a recipe that doesn’t make my batter spread into a giant mess! Talk about a long, frustrating, trial & error process! I tried all sorts of recipes, including the Tollhouse classic, but somehow I managed to mess that one up too.  But all that doesn’t matter, as I found my recipe! My inspiration was a post on Weddings & Cookies.  She originally came across the recipe on Allrecipes (Which is a great site, by the way.  I’ve been using it for years.)

You guys have no idea how excited I am to finally be able to cross “chocolate chip cookies” off my list of accomplishments. Victory is mine!

So tell me, do you have a recipe that’s given you trouble?  Or if you’ve already mastered it, how great was that feeling?

3 thoughts on “COOKIES!

    1. peachyplum Post author

      You have no idea how much that makes me feel better! To know I’m not the only one! 🙂 Well if you’re ever feeling like trying again, go for this recipe!

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