Party in a Box

My bff LB, is the one the funnest people I know. She’s the one person who I get into trouble with. All my crazy stories, involve her.  Whatever she plans for us, I’m game, no questions asked.

This past Saturday was no different. She turned 25 this past week and so made plans to go out on Saturday night. As I’m waiting for the metro and texting her that I’m running late, she texts me, “How do you feel about going to a magic show/burlesque show? I responded with, “uh…sure?” Hahaha.

I mean, what do you say to that? Sure why not, right?  Um, lemme tell ya, it…was..HILARIOUS! The show was presented by a traveling burlesque troupe based out of New York. Party in a Box features Dr. Lucky, who has a phDoubleD (ooh yeah, haha), Anita Cookie, DJ Momotaro, and Lil Steph. I wish I could share my pics but let’s just say, they’re probably NSFW, 😛

After the show, we headed off to H Street Country Club, which is just a hip bar/fun house in DC. While a country club it is not, it does house pool tables, shuffleboards, skeeball and…an indoor 9 hole putt putt course! Crazy, right?


Putt-putt! The holes are based on famous DC sites: this one is Ben's Chili Bowl

I like to think I'm gangsta

Oh and on Sunday, I made another batch of those chocolate chip cookies for my FBIL to take to Italy to my Italian in-laws. That recipe=AMAZING! The cookies turned out as great as the first!

So that was my weekend, how was yours?

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