This weekend was pretty uneventful. Friday night we invited one of Andy’s friends over. This kid has been kind enough to supply us with netflix rentals of Season 1 of True Blood . So he brought over the last dvd of season 1, and I thanked him for sharing by making MORE of those chocolate chip cookies I keep raving about. They come out perfect every time and I love it! Throw in some Ledo’s Pizza and Dos Equis, and you’ve got the makings of a quiet but AWESOME Friday night.

I also managed to bake an apple crisp on Sunday, which I brought over to my momma’s house. Poor mom, she’s an empty-nester now. I left last year and my baby sister just left for the dorms on Thursday. Now all she’s got is my dad and the cat πŸ˜› On that note, can I tell you how mind blowing it is? To have your BABY SISTER, go off to COLLEGE. She’s turning 18 this Saturday too. Whew:Where does the time go?

Oh and I made cornbread and apple stuffing (I had leftover corn bread and a bushel of apples to use up). I’ve been baking up a storm recently and as you can imagine, Andy doesn’t mind it one bit πŸ˜›

What’d you do?

3 thoughts on “Bakerella

    1. peachyplum Post author

      Thanks lady πŸ™‚ Yeah, TB is crazy addictive! Luckily we had season 2 & 3 thru Verizon on demand. But now that we’ve caught up, I don’t know what to watch! Do you have any suggestions?

  1. Jessica

    My baby brother just left for college this weekend and he was the last of our house too. My mom is now stalking us all over Facebook… NOT awesome! Haha


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