Okay, so maybe it’s a little too late in the year for me to be making soccer references, whatevs. But being that it’s the first few days of September, I want to follow Beth’s example and set up goals for myself for this month.

#1, I want to work out for 30min 3 times a week. While that’s not a lot, the fact that the last time I worked out was sometime in July and I can’t recall exactly when…is a pretty good indication of how badly I need to get back in the game. So if I don’t make some huge lofty goal that I’ll end up struggling with and resenting, then hopefully it’ll increase the likelihood of me reaching it.

#2 I want to prepare at least one meatless dinner a week. Although I’m not a huge red meat eater and mostly eat chicken and seafood, I think I need to incorporate more veggies in my life. And fall being my favorite season, it should be an easy goal to keep. I heart me some butternut and acorn squash!

#3 I want to get to bed by 10-10:30p. Again, not a crazy goal, but too often do I let myself get distracted by silly things like a tv show that I could just as well watch some other time on-demand. With school starting this week, I need all the energy I can get so that I get my workouts in. Nothing worse than skipping a workout because I decided to veg in front of the tube, because I’m too tired from work and school..because I went to bed too late. Vicious cycle that I could easily prevent with some discipline.

They’re not crazy, they’re not impressive but they’re within reach. Okay September, here I come!

Whether it be a self-improvement, wedding related, WHATEVS, are there any goals you want to accomplish this month?

PS: I already worked out twice this week! Yes! One point to Gryffindor! Okay sike, I’m probably more Hufflepuff than Gryffindor but who’s sorting anyway 😉

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