Yes friends, it’s Friday once again. (yipee!)

#1, The Lady Gaga concert …was…EPIC! It was as amazing as you’d think her show would be. She did a full TWO HOUR set. And she was belting it out and shaking her tushy like only she can, the WHOLE time. A couple of friends and I made an almost three hour trek to Charlottesville, VA to see the show bc the DC show sold out before we could get tickets.  The show ended at 11, and by the time I drove people back to their cars and respective homes, I didn’t get home till 3:30am. Then it was rise and shine time  at 8am. And the fun doesn’t stop there! I THEN went to class from 5:30p-8:15p. But yes, it was all well worth it because these are memories in the making people! Gotta embrace the recklessness that our youth allows! Because one day I’ll be in my 30s and such shenanigans will be a little harder to pull off, what with kids and responsibilities and what not 😛

#2, Speaking of responsibilities and the have-tos in life and fighting off such notions, check out this cute list of 15 Things You DON’T Have to Do at Your Wedding

Take for example:
#10 Stand with the bride on the groom’s left:
Stand where you like: right, left, upside down. Your guests might really appreciate it if you turned to face them and–for the first wedding ever–they were able to see the bride and grooms happy faces instead of the back of their heads.

With all that said,  here’s some quality advice:
Edwin Denby once said, “There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good,” so… just dance!

What’s your favorite Lady Gaga song?


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