I Got Mail

Yesterday I got a haircut for the first time in SIX MONTHS. I mean talk about SLACKING. The last time I got my hair cut was oh, I dunno, the day I got engaged. It’s been six months, how nutty!! Only 20 months left in my engagement, woot. Hahaha.


...meets after

How much healthier does that look?! Gosh, remind me never to go that long without cutting my hair AGAIN. I lopped off about 2 inches.  Meh, I’m not too attached to length because since I started taking those vitamins I talked about oh so long ago, my nails and hair grow like crazy!

In other news…

This weekend I got a some snail mail! Who doesn’t love snail mail! Remember the awesome chocolate chip cookies I made following the recipe from Renee‘s website?  Well she hosted a giveaway featuring the super cute booklets she made as part of her wedding favors and I was lucky enough to receive one!  It was my first time winning something off a blog 🙂

Andy was the one to open the mailbox that day and said, “Hey you got something from Renee. Who’s Renee?”
Me:Oh! It’s my thing! YES!!! <insert happy dance here>Who’s Renee? Oh, I don’t know.
Him:”What do you mean, ‘You don’t know?’ Why would someone you don’t know send you something?”
Me-Um, because she’s awesome, and I’m cool like that?
Me:Remember those giant chocolate chip cookies you enjoyed the other day?
Him:”Oh yeah, those were awesome!”
Me:Well, I originally saw the recipe on her blog, and she recently hosted a giveaway and I won. Now I have more awesome recipes to try from her awesome booklet.  How cute are these!? <show FI booklet> Now look at this business card! It looks like Tyrone! <burst into a fit of giggles>
Him- “Weeeee! Hahaha, it does!”
Me:See!? It pays to read a million and one blogs. Everyone benefits! I’m not bored at work, and you get to eat cookies! Win-win!

Yep. It happened, just like that. Just ask Tyrone:

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