As opposed to my typical Wednesday “Wants,” I’ve decided to feature something I actually have in my possession that makes my life complete.

About once a month, I make my way to HomeGoods (for those who don’t know, it’s a WHOLE STORE dedicated the home section of TJ Maxx or Marshalls…yeah, it’s AWESOME).  I love to stroll through the aisles dreaming of how wonderful things would look in my home if I had the money to buy, oh I don’t know, EVERYTHING IN SIGHT.

I usually manage to allow myself one item from the kitchen section.  I feel as if I  am stocking my kitchen one item at a time, oh the joys of being broke. Last time, I bought myself a $10 cookie scoop. Hey, it’s a lot better than paying $14 at Crate & Barrel, who I blame for my fascination with kitchen gadgets.  Work there for four years and you’ll learn to “need” everything.  ANYWHO, while I do in fact, LOVE my cookie scoop (no more sticky, gooey, messy hands to rinse every 5 seconds), I really want to talk about my cookbook stand!

It’s got two acrylic panels that you place in the grooves in the bottom to accommodate the width of whatever cookbook you’re using.  Now I don’t have to run over to the book while I’m working on the other counter to see a recipe, I just have to turn around, and it’s all propped up for me :D. AND it keeps me from soiling the pages of my books…soiling…sounds so wrong, haha.

Best part? Price. I got it for $12 versus paying the $18-$20 it retails for online.

Yep, one of my most favorite purchases from HG to date.  I highly recommend getting a cookbook stand..that is, assuming you like to cook.  Otherwise, get a nice vase or towels, because seriously? Who doesn’t feel luxurious with a new set of towels?

What’s your favorite kitchen gadget-thing? Or if you don’t like cooking, what’s your favorite item from a HomeGoods-like store?

P.S. Speaking of books! Check out this clip on some book art…AMAZING


6 thoughts on “Have:

  1. Beth

    I looooove HomeGoods. You can find SUCH good stuff there for so cheap! i got a stainless steel garbage can (a huge one) for $25 there whereas they are normally like 80-100 at other places. It’s sad that a garbage can makes me happy isn’t it…


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