My First Zumba Experience…

…also known as: the time I got my ass handed to me by a Latin Queen named Diego.

No, not that Diego! I’m talking about the crazy kid in the blue shorts in this next clip (watch for the first 1.5min)

…yeah. It’s like, cracked out dancehall cardio! It was INSANE! It was INTENSE! I only lasted for an hour, but the friend who invited me to the class, does it for the full TWO HOURS offered on Saturday afternoons.

On my walk home from class, (luckily they host the class at a dance studio that’s only 1 mile away from my house) I decided I’m going start running this week to build up stamina before next Saturday. Yes, I said I am going to R U N so I can keep up in a cardio class. What’s wrong with that picture? And yes, I am going to go back! It was fun :).  Sure it was intimidating as F*, BUT luckily the class was full of people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and levels of expertise which is encouraging.  As you stumble through the moves (like I did, but at least I didn’t fall!), you feel a little better as there are others fumbling right with you.

One of its perks (aside from toning your abs, glutes and butt) is that you pay by the class. So for that first hour, I paid $7, but had I stayed for the second, I’d only pay $12 total. So even if I decide not to stick with it, I’m not stuck paying some monthly fee.

So if you are wondering whether you should try it, I say give it a go, the only thing you got to lose is a couple of buckets of sweat 😉


Have you tried any new exercise lately? Pilates? Yoga? Or have you ever had a crazy instructor like Diego?

7 thoughts on “My First Zumba Experience…

  1. EmilyB

    I LOVE to dance and I’ve always been interested in Zumba, but I literally have zero motivation or interest in working out. I know it’s good for me blah blah blah…I just haaaaate it. Where is the class? In Rockville?

  2. Marissa

    This pretty much matches my first-time Zumba experience, too! Intense is right! Whatever steps I missed or goofed up on got me laughing, so no calories spared. I’m sure I’ll be feeling it tomorrow! 🙂


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