Um…need I say more? I seriously think that every Friday morning.  So here’s to the start of another weekend. I for one, will be studying like no one’s business. I’d rather be going to the UMD vs. Duke game but no one could go with me, boo!

As far as my September goals, I worked out three times a week every week…except this past one, haha. It’s cool though, I’ll make up for it in Zumba tomorrow 😉 One meatless dinner a week? Check. Not hard at all! This week’s meal was carrot cake and pumpkin ale…what? Don’t judge me; it was a long day on Wednesday! Going to bed by 10:30…yeah, not so much. I think I only managed to do that once all month.

Sooooo, seeing as today is October 1, I should have some goals right? Well, I don’t. Check back on Monday.

And as always, I can’t sign off without some words of encouragement so here they are:

Unbeing dead isn’t being alive. E.E. Cummings

Do something out of the ordinary! You only live once!

:::Cue the music:::

4 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Jessica

    I laughed out loud at the cat. Oh and my dinner last night was a Wendys cheeseburger so you did better than me!

    Also, I started to buy some pumpkin ale today but got scared! I wanted ONE not a six pack. What if I don’t like it? Help!

  2. Maria Post author

    Two thoughts: you should probably start with Punk’n which is pretty good. And #2, maybe see if there’s a shop near you that’ll let you try by the bottle. We have one near my house that’ll let you mix & match a six-pack or just the one. Hope that helps 🙂


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