Tag-I’m it!

Yes! The awesome Kelly from KJPugs:Ordinary in Indiana has tagged me to play in one of those game of tags for blogs. She’s HILARIOUS. If you haven’t read her blog yet, do it, NOW.  But yeah, as far as the game, you get tagged, you answer the questions, you then write 8 questions of your own, and “tag” 8 other people to do it.  Here we go:

1. If you could pick any one animal to have as a pet, what would you choose? A turtle! I heart turtles, like whoa. I wish I had my collection of trinkets set up so you could see my madness. Why don’t I just keep one in a terrarium, you ask? Well, I don’t want to keep it cooped up in a tank, it’d make me feel bad.

2. What is the weirdest injury you have ever sustained? I luckily *knock on wood* haven’t gotten seriously injured but I guess these two incidents kinda count for this question: I got knocked in the brow by a field hockey ball once, that hurt.  Or there was the time I whacked my foot with such a tremendous force into a free-standing metal clothing rack (by accident of course!) and my middle toenails turned black and fell off. TMI? Probably. (P.S. They did grow back eventually)

3.What is the worst insult you’ve ever received? I’m usually the one sipping the haterade, but I suppose my ex-boyfriend’s mom had this personal vendetta against me.  She hated me from the minute I walked through her door.  Let me set it up for you, her first husband, ex-boyfriend’s father, was Colombian.  I guess they had an ugly divorce, WHATEVER.  So she tells her son, “You know, if you and Maria got married, you’ll suffer so much culture class.  The language barrier is too much to handle.  It’ll never work.”  Um…little did she know, just about EVERYONE in my family speaks English, aside from my grandparents.  And even they get away with understanding seeing as both my aunts married Gringos and all my cousins, sister and I were born here.  You should see my Grandma communicate with my uncle Michael.  She doesn’t speak a lick of English and Michael speaks no Spanish, but they have the cutest conversations & relationship!  Through intonation in their voice and looks on their faces, they’ll make fun of my aunt Martha by saying, (shrilly) MIKAL!, (bellowing) LOLA!  It’s pretty frickin’ funny!

4. Which character from Friends was your favorite? And if you didn’t watch Friends… who the F are you? *Stands up* Hi, my name is Maria and I never got into Friends. *winces at the repercussions of said statement* Um…but I do know the characters names! (Who doesn’t) Does that give me any pity points? Like…Phoebe was pretty awesome, especially when she wrote “Smelly cat.”

5. What is the best “go-to” recipe in your arsenal? That would have to be, the tried and true, no fail, always loved, Vanishing Oatmeal Raisin cookie recipe from the Quaker Oats box.  No matter how many times I tell people it’s the same recipe they use, they don’t believe me, they say mine taste better.  And people who don’t even like oatmeal or raisin, LOVE when I make these cookies. Idk.


Ok, so these are a picture of sugar cookies, but you get the idea


6. If you could go back and change one detail of your life, what would you change and why? Hmm, I don’t know, because I think everything happens for a reason and I kinda like my life thus far.  I mean, maybe I woulda tried harder in undergrad so I wouldn’t have had to go through an anxiety attack waiting for my acceptance for grad school.  They didn’t tell me until two weeks before the deadline date to say yes, because they were on the fence about me, haha, whoops. Needless to say, I got in, and I’ve gotten A’s, it’s all good.

7. Which of the 50 United States would you least like to live in? Um, sorry North Dakotatians, Grand Forks sounds like the least fun place on Earth.

8. What was your favorite class in high school or college? Ceramics class, spring semester of Senior year.  It’s where my bestie and I, became besties 🙂 She asked me, “Can I sit here,” in the chair next to me, and said “Yeah, I guess,” in a condescending way (this is according to her).  Apparently, I’m really warm and fuzzy when I first meet people 😉

Okay so my questions:

1. Tell me something new you learned this week (For instance, I’ve recently learned that the health food chia seeds, are what chia pets are grown from)

2. What what your first concert and/or musical purchase?

3. Describe your favorite pair of shoes. (I don’t care if they’re high heels or flip flops)

4. What book series were you obsessed with as a kid? (Hello! Goosebumps!)

5. Think back to Instant Messenger. Can you remember any goofy screennames you had? (Who WASN’T a tommygrl, tommygrrl, ToMiGiRl, hahaha)

6. Name your least favorite food that everyone else in your family seems to love!

7. What’s your favorite quote?

8.  Fizzy water or still water?

And the contestants are:

DancyDays, Heart on the Homestead, At Least We Have Each Other, Life With a Crazy Pup, Love is You, Love is Us, Life in White, My Well Calculated Wedding, oops that’s 7, uh….idk. Feel free to answer! Or…not, haha.

5 thoughts on “Tag-I’m it!

  1. Jessica

    Oooh! I’ll have to answer these when I get home from the football game.
    And I won’t curse you for not watching Friends, I’ll just shake my fist at you. 🙂
    Um, hold on, you don’t have middle toes? Huh, interesting…. I’ve also never had a serious injury. Never broken a bone.

  2. kjpugs

    I’ve never lost a nail… the thought of that FREAKS me out! And I won’t judge you too hard for not being a Friends Fanatic 🙂 I absolutely LOVEDDD your answers and am so glad you did this! It made my night! Thanks for the sweet words about me too! You’re the best!

  3. Dancy

    Yay!! Thanks for tagging me, I’ll play.
    I thought I was the only one who made the recipes on the boxes of things. I made those once and my brother LOVED them, now I have to make them every year for his b-day. LOL

  4. Christina

    Totally want to try those oatmeal cookies . They sound amazing. Thanks for tagging me, you’ve given me something to look forward to doing this week! 🙂


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