Drop it like it’s [cold?]

About a week ago I saw these featured on Must Have Cute

Aren’t they amazing? They’re freakin’ ICE CUBES! The blog found these gems on Holycool.net.  When I went to the site, they has a whole page dedicated to  awesome ice cube molds like COFFEE BEANS!

How cute right? Talk about ICED coffee.  I showed them to Ags and she absolutely loved this one:

Icebergs & a sinking Titanic!  Terrible joke? Perhaps. Funny as hell? You bet!

As you know, I heart going to HomeGoods like CRAZY and had seen some cool molds there before, like the ice cube shot glasses. So this weekend I made a special trip in search of these spectacular molds.  Did I find them? Does a zebra have STRIPES?!

BOOYAH! Am I great at shopping or what? They only had one left! WOOT! And as always, I bought myself one kitchen gadget; this time it was a french rolling pin.  What makes it “french” you ask? Because it’s the wooden rolling pin with tapered ends, like this. Oh, and I bought a deliciously scented cinnamon sugar Yankee candle for only $10 (we’re talking the BIG jar).  I think we can all agree that shopping trip was a grand success!

What was the highlight of your weekend?


8 thoughts on “Drop it like it’s [cold?]

  1. Emily B

    LOVE. HOMEGOODS. You are totally a great shopper 🙂 You should test them out and blog it to see if they turn out as good as the picture.

    Highlight of my weekend? I got some event planning experience at a wedding in Georgetown and it was gooorgeous. The bride surprised her groom with an hour-long set from a semi-famous singer named Josh Ritter. It was a fancy-shmancy wedding. Fun times!

  2. Steph

    Those ice cubes are AMAZING.
    I’d say my weekend highlight was spending time with my friends I haven’t seen in a while and making/eating a ton of autumn-inspired foods like butternut squash soup. pumpkin cheesecake, and cranberry sauce!

  3. Dancy

    I want those fish cube molds. That’s awesome. I’m also addicted to Home Goods. There’s 3 by us and they’re all merged with Marshall’s so it’s a good hour or so in every store. LOL


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