Truth Be Told

Alright kids, I gotta come clean. I have something to tell you.
You know that guy I’m in love with? The one I’ve been dating for six years and will marry in a year and a half?

You may have noticed that I refer to him as Andy…yeah, that’s not his name.

So this weekend we were talking about blogs and how fun I think they are.  I must under a rock because I only just discovered blogs as of April and it took me like three months after that before I learned about the wonders of Google Reader.  Anyway, so he sorta knew I had a blog but didn’t ask me about it until now. He asked what I wrote about and I said, “oh you know, anything and everything.”  He then asked if I ever wrote about him to which I said,” yeah but I call you Andy.” At which point he said, “Andy?! WTH! That’s not my name! You’re lying to your readers! Your next post needs to be about how my name is NOT Andy.”  Apparently he is not a fan of using aliases.  He asked if I used my real name, which I do, because it’s much harder to find any relevant information on me in Google, while his full name is much more unique, so I did it to respect his privacy.  His response, “Well, thank you. That was thoughtful of you, but you should use my real name!” He gets riled up about the strangest things, haha.

Technically, Andy is a nickname for his full name.  So I wasn’t lying, per say.  But his real nick name is……ALE.

Ginger Cat says “Say What?! Like beer? and ginger ale?!?”

No silly! Ale, which is short for Alessandro. It’s pronounced “Ah-leh” not “Ail.”  So less like India Pale Ale, and more like  Ale-Ale-jandro, haha.

But there you have it. Now we’ve got no secrets between us 😉


4 thoughts on “Truth Be Told

  1. Dancy

    HAHA!! I had to do the same thing!!! I hate to say Danny made me do it – but he did!! I had to create a post about our real names. Silly boys… who woulda thunk?!?

  2. Jessica

    I had no idea you were keeping this from me…. I’m heartbroken…. 😦

    JUST KIDDING! But I’m glad you came clean because my ex’s name was Andy so I like Ale a whole million percent better. 😀


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