Eureka! My Pumpkin Breakthru

I finally tried Pumking! My friend found it in some hole in the wall beer & wine shop and grabbed the last two bottles.  He had heard about it recently and was even more obsessed about trying it than me! He researched the brand and even contacted them to find out where they distributed locally. But thanks to his due diligence, he scored! And was kind enough of to share! He gave one of his bottles to our mutual friend who is also a beer fan and me and her split it. It is pretty good, but what takes it over the top is drinking it while enjoying these puppies:

On Saturday I tweeted that I was ready to bake with can of pumpkin but didn’t know what to make. Shelikesruffles came to my rescue and offered a solution: pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! Armed with the idea, I took to Google to find my recipe.  These cookies were beyond great! They’re giant (1/4c. per cookie), delightful pillowy bites of pumpkiny bliss!  And when drinking it with Pumpking, the two really complimented one another and brought out a new depth in flavor in both…sounds cheesy but SO TRUE.

But yeah. That’s probably the most exciting part of my weekend, haha. Did you do anything that revolved around pumpkins?

5 thoughts on “Eureka! My Pumpkin Breakthru

  1. Steph

    I’ve tried pumpkin beer before (Sam Adams I think?) but never Pumking! Looks tasty, as do the cookies. I may just have to make those this week!

  2. Jessica

    I was just about to tweet you and ask for the recipe. I need more pumpkin in my life, thanks for the motivation.

    PS – still haven’t tried pumpkin beer. Kick my butt now?

  3. Christina

    I seriously just bought a can of pumpkin, just because it was there, and had NO idea what to make. Thanks for the inspiration! I think I’m going to try the cookies, and follow up with a pumpkin beer. Mmmm.


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