Government Olympics

You may (or may not) have noticed that I haven’t been tweeting at my usual capacity as of late.  That’s because I had conferences for work on Mon & Wed, and an awards ceremony to attend on Tuesday for Ale.

So apparently the Department of Commerce, which the Census Bureau(Ale’s employer) falls under, gives out medals. Gold, is one of the highest honors you can earn (learn more about it here). Ale has earned himself a shiny gold medal. It’s pretty cool and I’m super proud of him! 😀

And like the awesome fiancée I am, I didn’t bring extra batteries…and goofed around with the camera leading up to his team’s walk across the stage…so the camera died when they received their award….yeah. D’oh! But here’s a crappy cell phone picture from the day of, and the award itself, yay!


G’job babe! You rock!



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