Diners’ Club

Ale’s college roomies, D & C, are both married to nurses, LM & AW.  LM & AW are lovely girls, and great cooks! While we were all at the Halloween Eve wedding a few weeks ago, I told them about my new Barefoot Contessa cookbook.  LM had the brilliant idea of having an Ina Garten themed potluck to break in my book! After checking all our schedules, we decided this past Sunday would work best for everyone.  We held it at our house and it was a blast!

AW made lobster chowder (with girnmous chunks of lobster, yum!) as well as a french apple tart (served with vanilla ice cream of course!) LM made potatoes au gratin and roasted carrots with parsnips and I made lemon thyme chicken and cranberry oat bars (not an Ina recipe, but I promised you kids a cranberry recipe and I had to deliver!)

Everyone had an awesome time and all the dishes got rave reviews. AW suggested we  continue this and make it a monthly tradition! We’re going to do Food Network stars and then maybe move on to classic cookbooks like Joy of Cooking, and then maybe blogs (hello! Pioneer Woman!).  We decided to pick this back up in January! So excited! All us girls commented how awesome and  stress-free a themed potluck was! You only have to worry about buying and preparing a few dishes versus planning a full evening. Even the boys were into it because they kept trying to name Food Network chefs they liked, or disliked (all the Italians in the room HATE Giada DeLaurentis because of the exaggerated manner in which she pronounces things in Italian but whatever, us girls do NOT care). It was an evening well spent and highly recommend you try it!

And because we were having such fun, I didn’t take any pictures. But lucky for me, there was just enough left overs to make lunch the next day:

I wish I could share with you how fragrant this was!

Do you participate in any clubs? (book, food, knitting, running, etc)

5 thoughts on “Diners’ Club

  1. Jessica

    Oh man, I bet that lobster chowder was amazing! I’m not a huge Giada fan, she’s just not entertaining to me, I wish she would just say MOTZ-ERR-ELL-UH! Haha

    Love Ina’s cooking though, her chicken recipes are some of my favorites.

  2. Emily

    How fun!!! I’ve never made an Ina recipe, but I’m sure everything in her cookbook is delicious!

    But please, whatever you do, stay away from Sandra Lee. HATE HER.

  3. Dancy

    Love, love love this idea!! I’ll take Ina over Martha anyday of the week! I’m not a huge fan of Giada either but D loooves her. I think it has something to do with the fact that her cleavage is always popping out in every episode. I think she has a 5-head, but that’s beside the point. LOL

    Can you imagine how awesome a Paula Deen night would be? Oh lord, I’m gonna have run an extra mile tonight just thinking about it!! LOL Oh & I can’t STAND Sandra Lee – I’m sorry, but coconut extract, yellow food coloring and Cool-Whip is NOT icing! *whew, I feel better now* 🙂

  4. kjpugs

    Agree re: Sandra, of course, LOL!

    And I LOOOOVEEE Ina’s brownie recipe from one of her books- it has coffee or espresso in it or something, it’s SO good, my mom makes it all the time. Try that one!


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