Venue Visit Recap

First off, I was loving your comments from yesterday about Food Network people! So glad you all share my hate for Sandra Lee and love for Paula Deen. The peeps at the party and me all agree with you all that Sandra sucks and Paula should be our next project. Everything is going to have a stick of butter and it’s going to be AWESOME!

Secondly, if you recall, last week I mentioned I was going to visit my first venue this weekend. Thanks again for all your wonderful tips and insight. You guys are the best 🙂

I went to visit Rust Manor House located in Leesburg, VA. I proclaimed it as one of my must sees way back when.

Yeah, I mean, it’s all right. Taking into account what you ladies said about being in love with it at first sight…eh, it wasn’t feeling it.  It’s a mansion that was constructed at the turn of the century and made to look older than it was.  It was also smaller on the inside than it first appears. The rain plan involved setting up tables inside in two separate rooms on either side of the foyer.  Awkward.  And if we went with the tent option, there’d be a portapotty involved, since the tent is set up a ways away from the house.

Moral of the story, now I know why I couldn’t find too many pictures of weddings taking place at the location. :-/

HOWEVER, the next place on my list, Woodend Sanctuary, is all over the ‘net. And hopefully, with good reason! Stay tuned to hear about that visit in the near future.

P.S. Here’s a list of Sandra’s worst desserts as well as an article on Anthony Bourdain opinion of FN stars (check out what he says about Rachael & Sandra) Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Venue Visit Recap

  1. therealnutritionist

    I think it’s gorgeous! But your point proves that it’s SO important to check out a place live before you pick it! what may look stunning in pictures is not always as pretty in real life 🙂

    I’m so excited to see your venue updates!

  2. Emily B

    CAN’T HANDLE SANDRA LEE. I just…I think people at Food Network are smoking crack. That’s the only reasonable explanation for keeping her. And I’m normally not this mean on the internet but JESUS GOD why is she still on the air? I can’t wait to read those articles to fuel my disdain.

    Venue. It’s very pretty, but if it’s not the one just cross it off that list. You will know when it’s right (just like you knew your fiance was the one). Hopefully your trip to Woodend goes better! Plus it’s in Chevy Chase…much easier for me to crash, that way 😉

    Also, I went back and read your post about the venues/menu/colors and OMG I LOVE YOUR COLORS. If I hadn’t done green/black/white I would have definitely done green/purple. Looooove that combo.

  3. Jessica

    A Paula Deen dinner party would be fab!

    I agree, splitting your guests between two rooms is not ideal. We had to for our dinner portion but thankfully, the room was seperated by a glass wall with two huge openings so it wasn’t too bad.

    Can’t wait to see what you think of Woodend Sanctuary, the pictures look AMAZING!

  4. dancyny

    I’m with the other ladies – you’ll know it’s the place when you walk in. Kinda like meeting the guy & buying the dress. We chose our place cuz we didn’t have to do much to it.

    On a darker note – We’ve discussed my SEETHING, LOATHING HATE for all things Sandra LeEvil. It’s taken me at least 45m to get to this comment section as I’ve read every article you linked to and followed their links as well. Bourdain’s my new hero. “She must be stopped”. True story Tony. You notice he didn’t even touch Ina though right? Cuz she’d whip up some awesome French recipe that woule impress JChilds herself then chop him up & roast his @$$ in her faboo Hamptons kitchen that I’d kill for. I mean, she might just sit on him too or eat him alive but I digress… 😉


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