Venue Visit Day 1 Part 2

When discussing Saturday’s excursion yesterday, I failed to mention I visited another site, Oatlands, which is also located in the lovely countryside of Leesburg, VA.

It was…how you say, breathtaking. Just the driveway alone is stunning, as it’s flanked by big, beautiful trees. The grounds are immaculate.  It is a very well maintained estate.  Since we didn’t have time for a tour, we spent a few minutes in the gift shop which was, in one word, ADORABLE! Full of cute trinkets and knickknacks.  We bought super cute button rings:

Don’t judge me for badly maintained manicure. I’ll fix it, I swear. But at least it’s my wedding colors: purple and green!

I’m so hard pressed for Leesburg because the hotels in the area offer free shuttles to guests to and from the airport! How great is that?! Out of town guests wouldn’t have to rent cars if they didn’t want to. And I plan to rent a van or something to take guests to and from the venue since it’s only six miles away from the main part of town.

Although their rental fee is a bit steep, 80%of the site fee can be considered a tax deductible contribution (due to the fact it’s a historical site) . So I guess we will be making a trek back out to Leesburg!

Worst case scenario, I start looking at vineyards in Leesburg, because let me tell ya, that town is FULL of ’em.


6 thoughts on “Venue Visit Day 1 Part 2

  1. Dancy

    That ring’s adorable. And I love the idea of a mansion for a reception. More often than not you’re the only party there and the service is more personalized.

  2. Jessica

    I didn’t know that Leesburg hotels offered free shuttles! Score!

    That is a gorgeous venue! I have decided to keep a running count and so far your last venue scores 3 out of 5 stars and this one gets 4 1/2 out of 5.

    I love a good vineyard, I secretly hope you scope some out so I have some tips of which ones I should visit. 😉


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