How to Have a Super Fun Sunday

Step 1: Make plans to hang out with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile.

Step 2: Drag said friend to a baking demo sponsored by King Arthur Flour and learn how to make apple pie crust, chocolate tart crust, and delicious sweet bread.

Step 3: Win bags of  flour in a raffle (which both of us did) as well as pick up awesome swag like bowl scrapers, Red Star yeast, Cabot cheese, coupons for King Arthur Flour, and $10 gift cards for the King Arthur Flour online store.

Step 4: Take the time between the morning and afternoon presentations to have lunch and explore shops like your new favorite accessories store as well as make it a point to try out the adorably pink princess themed cupcakery you passed by earlier in the day.

Step 5: Realize how much fun you had and vow to repeat the experience sooner rather than later! Especially the free food demo part 😉

Have you ever gone to a cooking demonstration?


7 thoughts on “How to Have a Super Fun Sunday

  1. Steph

    It looks like you had SO much fun!! I’ve never been to a cooking demonstration but am always tempted by one that comes into town every so often, with Paula Dean and Racheal Ray, among others. Next time 🙂

    1. Maria Post author

      Through the magic that is that is Twitter. I follow @KingArthurFlour, which I started using when I when through a bread baking phase and they were the only whole wheat flour brand in the store. They tweeted that they were doing a baking tour around the country. They also tweet blog updates which usually includes recipes and all sorts of stuff!


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