PB & Pokeno

This weekend I went back to that cute little cupcakery and picked Ale up a peanut butter vanilla cupcake because he was on a business trip the last time and I wanted to share their yummy goodness with him (I know, I should get a gold star for being so thoughtful :P) He liked it so much HE SAID, “Wow. (long pause) This is f*ing good! We should get these for our wedding. People do that right? Have cupcakes instead of cake?”

CRAZY RIGHT?! He NEVER says stuff like that. I was just beside myself when he said it. I was like,”We sure can! (insert big goofy grin here)

Another crazy thing that happened this weekend was we played pokeno for the first time ever. Essentially it’s like bingo except with a deck of cards. Everyone gets a board with 25 card faces on them. The dealer takes a deck of cards and calls out cards which you try to find on your board and mark with a chip. You can play for 5 in a row (pokeno), center, four of a kind, and full board.  We also made things a little “interesting” by playing with nickels. For instance, the dealer would say, “we’re playing for pokeno, at 15 cents.” Everyone put 15 cents into the “pokeno” cup, and whoever got pokeno that round, won the money in the cup.

It was sooo much fun!  I can’t wait to order up my own game from Amazon and play it at our next get-together.

And I think that’s about it. Oh! And stop by my friend’s blog, Living Lucy, and leave her some love. She just started it and I promise you, she’s awesome! I tell her all the time, I want to be her when I grow up! (‘course, we’re the same age, but whatever, haha) Seriously though, she finds awesome furniture pieces off craigslist and does wonders with them as well as make some mean looking cakes! So I’m sure those things will find themselves on the blog eventually (no pressure or nuthing Lucy ;))

Now you have two homework assignments, play pokeno & go say hi to Lucy, go!


5 thoughts on “PB & Pokeno

  1. Dancy

    Aww, I love when the guys get excited about wedding stuff. I hope the cupcake thing works for you guys – I wanted to do it but it turns out it was more $$ for us. Apparently it’s more work – makes sense I guess – a bazillion little cupcakes vs. 1 large cake. Plus, our cake came with the venue and D wasn’t about to listen to me re: something that would add more to the budget. LOL

    ** off to check out your friend, you had me at ‘awesome furniture’** 🙂

    1. Maria Post author

      *Fingers crossed* I never thought of doing cupcakes but once I tried these I was like, “hold the presses! These are incredible!” And at $3/pop, it’d be about the same as what a cake would run us per slice, so here’s to hoping!

  2. Jessica

    Ooh, that sounds like a fun game. My mom would love it.

    Whenever Kevin decided on something for the wedding, I jumped on it, it didn’t happen often! You’re a lucky girl, at least Ale lets you know what he likes. I always got “whatever you want honey” = so frustrating!!!

    Love Lucy’s blog! I’ll have to start reading. 😉

  3. kjpugs

    Pokeno sounds like a blast!

    And I am REALLY intrigued by vanilla PB cupcakes. I have never seen them without chocolate (or a berry flavor like PB&J) and I would LOVE to try them!


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