Ten Things

Right, so the wonderful Stephanie of Forget-Me-Nots & City Sidewalks has graciously bestowed upon me, the Honest Scrap award:

In order to redeem my award, I must share ten facts about myself:

1. I like to pretend I’m cool and be the ass listening to gangsta rap and playing the bass at full blast at a red light. (I blew a speaker in my first car in high school doing this)

2. I want to be able to converse in Italian without sounding like a complete buffoon. (I only get the courage to practice “speaking” in Italian when I’m drunk; I sound like a dying duck that makes no DERN sense and it infuriates Ale to no end.)

3. I share my birthday with David Bowie and Elvis Presley. (That means I’m going to be rich and/or famous one day right?)

4. On that note, my favorite number is 9. (My birthday adds up to it, January 8, (1+8))

5. I am an introvert. I’ve always known it but I’ve also been scientifically proven to be one, haha. (Myers-Briggs test anyone?)

6. I love making people laugh. (It tickles me pink to bring a smile to someone’s face so I really appreciate when you guys let me know you love my goofy links :D)

7. I didn’t move out of my parents’ house until last year when I moved to the condo with Ale. I commuted to college(60miles roundtrip) everyday.

8. I’m the librarian who hates books, as Ags likes to say. I have no qualms about “destroying” a book to make stuff like this:


It probably doesn’t help that I’ve never felt a deep connection to a book. I don’t read much anymore and even when I read “heavy” texts, I’m not moved. She says I have no soul 😛 (probably true, haha)

9. I don’t like papayas. They taste the way flowers smell, if that makes sense, and it’s totally a strange experience eating them.

10. I wear 2 layers at a time, 95% of the time. Like, it could be 100’F outisde and it’d be a safe bet to assume I’m wearing layers, whether it’s a tank underneath a polo or a tee underneath a long sleeve shirt. And I’ve been known to wear cords in the summer as well…yeah… -_-*. Maybe it’s a unconscious habit of trying to hide my layers of pudge 😛 (And yes, I’m wearing two layers right now)

And that’s it. Hopefully you learned something new about me, chuckled about it, shook your head and said, “Oh, Maria,” because I get that, a LOT.

Alright, tell me something new about you, go!

P.S. The wreath picture is from apartmenttherapy.com (click image to see post) but you can find a great tutorial here if you want to make one for yourself!


12 thoughts on “Ten Things

  1. Steph

    Love your fun facts.. and I always layer up, too. My FI constantly makes fun of me for it, but I just say it’s because he’s jealous of my fashion sense 😉

  2. Dancy

    I love stupid little fun facts like these. I’m “moderately introverted” as well.
    I also love that wreath & now I want to make one. LOL

  3. christina

    my favorite number is 9, and now that you say that, my birthday (6/30) adds up to 9 too!! i love it! so glad you pointed that out.
    eww i don’t like papayas either.

  4. Maria @ Oh Healthy Day

    I’m with ya on the papayas. I think they are the only fruit that I don’t like.

    I was a Counseling major in Grad School (are they even majors in Grad School?) and I am not really sure if I buy into the whole counseling thing…yikes. Now that would be a doozy of a post 🙂

  5. Jessica

    I wear a tank top underneath my shirts EVERY day because I’m afraid of people seeing my hot pink bra. And I already consider you famous so now you just need the “rich” part. Let’s start playing the lottery, someone’s gotta win right? Might as well be you or me. I’ll share. Pinky promise.

    You totally make me laugh. I wouldn’t talk to you if you didn’t. 😛

  6. Christina

    I don’t mind the smell of skunks. Not saying I like it, just saying I don’t mind it. Feel free to “unfollow” me on Twitter, I’m weird.

    Also, I’d like to be able to converse in French without sounding like I have an IQ of 34. 🙂


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