Yesterday was quite the experience.

I attempted making my first Thanksgiving turkey! I brined it using Pioneer Woman’s recipe and it turned out uh-MAZING!

I also attempted my first apple pie from scratch…that was the biggest flop of the CENTURY! I may have pulled the pie from the bottom of the oven floor to a cold cookie sheet and it may have exploded and shattered due to the extreme temperature change. The pile to the left is the rim of the pie plate in a trillion pieces.

I then may have called Ale who was on his way to pick up his grandparents in a pyscho panic to pick up pies on his way back. And I may have screamed at him when he didn’t hear me clearly because I was sooo upset when I tried to tell him what happened . But then I took a moment to collect myself and realized how uncool of me it was to do that and I apologized profusely because it was not fair to take it out on him.

Moral of the story: I am grateful for family and especially my wonderful mom who helped me along preparing Thanksgiving and stayed up with me till 2 in the morning when the brine finally cooled so we could stick the turkey in it. (We may have started cooking it at 11pm…boiled it….then stuck it outside…followed by an icebath to bring the temperature down. So much effort! But oh so worth it!)
I am grateful for my incredible fiancé for putting up with me and my terrible temper.
I am grateful for supermarkets being open at 5:30p on Thanksgiving day so pie making failures like me can still have pie. As well as the fact that it was only the pie that failed and not the turkey!
And lastly, but certainly not least, I am grateful for the internet and blogs, for not only does it teach me how to be a better cook (see turkey above), but it provides me the opportunity to meet such cool peeps like you. Thanks guys 😀

Wish I could eat this all over again!

Have a good weekend and I hope you score great Black Friday deals if you decide to brave the crowds! May the force be with you!

9 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. Michele

    Your dinner looks amazing! I have an apple pie recipe I can share with you if you are interested, and I promise, no broken pie plates! Looking forward to helping you procrastinate and reading how you do it! Have a great weekend!

  2. Emily

    Oh no! Sorry about your pie fail 😦 I’ve never made a pie so I would probably make the same mistake. The rest of your food looks delicious, though!! Great job, gal!

  3. Jessica

    Poor pie. Poor Maria. 😦
    Thankful that Ale came to the rescue and went to the store, thankful for your blog, thankful for delicious food on Thanksgiving!

  4. kjpugs

    MUCH better to have a pie fail than a turkey fail! And honestly… I think it’s kind of funny! Like the time when we were having a holiday party and 2 minutes before people arrived, my younger sister saw on the coke 2 liter bottle that “you could win!” and “just check under the label!” She took a painter’s razor blade and tried to slice off the label… and exploded the unopened 2 liter. ALL OVER OUR KITCHEN. From floor to ceiling we had sticky brown COKE!

    It happens. You just have to laugh!

    1. Maria Post author

      Omg, LOVE that story! Hahaha!
      Yeah, now I laugh, especially since people keep telling me, “oh it’s okay, use pyrex next time,” to which I say, it WAS a PYREX. Yes, I managed to kill a pyrex, you live and you learn 😛

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