TGIF indeed! More exciting than that though, is that it’s Friday during the holiday season! I LOVE the holidays. This weekend I’m going to a cookie exchange. I LOVE cookie exchanges. I’m also seeing my friends and giving them their t-shirts, and I cannot wait to see their reactions! I LOVE giving presents. I’m super excited by the presents I’ve purchased so far as I know the recipients are going to be uber surprised/pleased! 😀

Anywho, as part of my lighthearted TGIF posts, I have another fun/hilarious website/blog for you! This basically encapsulates how I feel about most people:

And if we ever get the wonderful opportunity to hang out, you’ll see I’m not kidding. I truly, will walk away, or give someone the “and?” face.  I think I inherited that trait from my dad, and it amuses people, it’s kinda like a parlor trick 😛

Now go have yourself a nice weekend!

6 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. kjpugs

    That reminds me of the response the sorority girls give in “House Mom” to end a convo. They say “It was so nice to see you (or to meet you, or to talk to you)” and then as the other person tries to keep talking they say “SO nice.” and walk away. I kind of LOVE It.


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