Venue Shopping, the saga continues

Act 2 Scene 1

Last time I went to look at venues (pt.1, pt.2) I didn’t strike gold. In fact, I didn’t even strike copper for that matter as I wasn’t too pleased with my first visit and the second option is still pretty pricey.  Al that said, I had high hopes for my third option, Woodend Sanctuary. And with good reason! It’s soooo pretty

Yes, that would be my mom hiding behind the brochure, silly mommy. My friends actually suggested we face the chairs in the opposite direction, enclosed by circle of trees in the glow of the sun.  I like that idea!

This would be the lovely portico on the side of the house. We’d come out from here and walk down to the grove, as seen above.

I like it! A lot! We (okay, more like I) would have to figure stuff out with the caterer for table and chair rentals as the site fees only cover that, the site itself.  While I am not ready to sign any papers, this one is definitely in the running!

Now the question is, where do I turn to? I need a sense of direction as I’m plum out of ideas right now.

On a random note, I may have found my dj, of all things! At my job’s holiday party, they had a good dj with great music and good transition so I took her business card 😛

Seriously folks, I’m in a wedding funk where I just want it to plan itself, haha. Did you ever feel like that during your planning process?



10 thoughts on “Venue Shopping, the saga continues

  1. Steph

    I looked at Woodend online, but never visited. I was really loving it, but the rental fee was just a bit too much for us 😦 And I like the idea of turning the chairs to face the other way! Also.. sorry if I missed this, but when is your wedding?!

  2. Healthy Coconut

    Thanks for stopping by my blog so I can find yours. I love finding other brides-to-be 🙂

    I love that 1st picture, looks so magical and I’m all about ambiance and the surroundings, that picture alone is worth a thousand words. Such a beautiful location.

  3. Jessica

    Loving this location, and you are so right, the way the sun is shining back there is gorgeous.

    When I planned my wedding, after we found our venue, things kind of fell into place but I stole a time line off The Knot. It helped a lot – especially when I would want to jump ahead. Instead, I stuck to it like glue and only did things when they needed to be done. 🙂

  4. Skye

    I feel like that everyday. I’d love to just show up at my wedding. That’s why the wedding planners are worth every little penny I’m spending on them 🙂 And look at you – you found a DJ – that’s progress for sure!!

  5. Maria @ Oh Healthy Day

    That site is just beautiful! I agree – you should face the other way 🙂

    I’ve been in some planning ruts, so I take a few breaks and don’t think about it at all. Also, just be patient (if you have the time – I do since our wedding is a ways off) and really try to envision what you want. We love our site, but the room we rented is indoors and I think I’d really like to make the reception outdoors now too….hmm. Tent rental?


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