My New Fav

If you hanging out on Twitter on Saturday, you’d know I was ridiculously pressed about getting the Wilton Cookie Press. I read a tweet from America’s Test Kitchen that Cooks Illustrated rated cookie presses and found Wilton’s to be the best. So…of course I had to get one! Because I do whatever the internets tell me to do, just ask Ale.

AND A.C. Moore had recently tweeted a 51% off coupon, valid only on Saturday, so I took it as a sign from the cookie gods that I was meant to buy the press! So for $5, I am the proud new owner my latest favorite gadget:

And I guess this is where I’m suppose to show you the finished product but…I kinda burned this test batch when I failed to realize, smaller cookies=less baking time. Oh well, live and learn! BUT today I realized I can make cheese and/or herbed crackers with this thing and I’m sooo pysched! What can I say, I am easily amused.

What’s your latest obsession, be it gadgets, accessories, tv show, whatever!



10 thoughts on “My New Fav

  1. Jessica

    I’m glad you posted this! I was gonna ask you how that cookie press worked out for you. I was tempted by the cheapo one at Target but I think I’ll spring for the Wilton. 😉

  2. dancyny

    So I dunno whether to be totally jealous of you or mad at myself for not checking twitter again on Saturday after our convo & asking you to pick one up for me too!! $5 bucks?!? I woulda bought 2! LOL

    My brother’s coming home this weekend and he’s bringing me “a new toy”. I have a feeling I know what it is & it’s cooking/baking/life altering related – keep an eye out. 😉

  3. kjpugs

    I CANT BELIEVE YOU GOT THIS SO CHEAP!!! Oh and you should totally get a silpat (those silicon baking sheets) I used one for the first time yesterday and it was amazing. The bottoms of the cookies were PERFECT whereas normally they burn really quickly. Check them out! Literally, I lifted the cooled cookies off with my fingers… so easy.


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