Mrs. F Strikes Again

Funny story is that, should I decide to change my last name (jury’s still out on this one), I really would be “Mrs. F,” haha.

So yeah…as you all know, apparently I am on an on-going quest to master classic cookie recipes.  Last night was dedicated to gingerbread! Recipe found at Eat, Live, Run.

How cute are they?? I bought the cutter last Saturday when I got the cookie press.  I told you, I really AM the cookie monster!

These made me wish that a) I knew how to decorate cookies, b) had a tree to put them on as ornaments and c) had the heart to crush them and make them into a gingerbread crust for a festive cheesecake (but I don’t know how to make cheesecake and hecks no! They took me so much effort to make to do that!)

So lovelies, what kind of cookie should I tackle next?


13 thoughts on “Mrs. F Strikes Again

  1. Morgan

    Those are cute! I saw on Bakerella that an easy way to decorate cookies is by first drawing the decorations on with an edible pen, and then it’s a lot easier to add icing in the right places.

    Can’t wait to see what you end up making next!

  2. dancyny

    Yours look awesome. Mine always come out looking like the mutant survivors of some nuclear attack.

    I have a recipe you might want to try — gimme a couple days & I’ll post it. 🙂


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