Mailbox Loving

This week, the postman has been kind to me and left me presents (well, not from him, but you know)!

For instance, I finally used the free giftcards I received from the King Arthur Flour demonstration towards the purchase of a food scale, decorating tips and a yeast measuring spoon which came earlier in the week:

I bought the food scale so I could make European recipes and recreate the uh-mazing molten chocolate cake we had in Florence last Christmas:

Ale’s dad arranged for us to take a cooking lesson with his chef friend! That’s actually one of the cakes we made! It’s one of those little lava cakes with the gooey chocolate center. And even though we took home the recipe, I haven’t made it because the ingredients are measured by weight, as are most European recipes and yes, it’s taken me a year to order a freakin’ scale but whatever, now it means you get to learn how to make the amazing chocolate cake thing too!

I ordered the decorating tips go along with my new year’s resolutions, as you may recall. And lastly, the yeast measuring spoon is for bread making convenience.  I’ve got a bag of yeast in my freezer and now it’ll be a cinch to measure out the right amount of yeast that’s found in those little packets at the grocery store. I guess that’s my way of telling you that you’ll also get to witness my attempts at bread making on the blog too, lucky you 😉

BUT I’ve saved the best for last! I also received something even better than a present to myself (see above) which was mail from my BFF (Best Blogging Friend) Jess!

How awesome is she?! Thanks lady!! Can’t wait till we do have a cup of coffee (or margaritas) together!

Have you gotten any fun mail as of late?


8 thoughts on “Mailbox Loving

  1. Steph C.

    Such a cute card from Jess 🙂 We just ordered some stuff online with Christmas gift cards, and got our pretty red wine decanter in the mail yesterday! Oh, and two Netflix movies, which excites me more than it probably should 😉

  2. Maria @ Oh Healthy Day

    Food scales are hardcore! I hate that some of the best recipes out there require measuring. Too bad you can’t just throw some things in a bowl and have them taste good (well, I can’t at least!).

    Love the new header by the way!

  3. dancyny

    Well my last fun mail was from *someone* — I wonder who? 😉
    But I love that you have a food scale. The 1st thing I’d attempt to make are macaroons (cuz you have to make them by weight, not volume) – Ack! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Oh & D wants to try bread-making too. He looks at the breadmaker every time we pass it in BB&B but there’s no way – we’ll use it once & never again. LOL

  4. kjpugs

    OMG Jess is so cute to send that! And you will LOVE your food scale. It’s insane. So many uses. Like when you’re supposed to put batter in pans (like, say, a 3 layer cake) you just measure the bowls ahead of time, then subtract bowl weight from the total weight to get the batter weight, then 1/3 that. You can then zero out the scale with the pans on, and put the exact right amount of batter in each! It’s AMAZING. I also use it to be sure we split things evenly because I’m extremely anal and fat. OH and per Alton Brown, you’re always supposed to weigh ingredients unless it’s liquid (they can use the measuring cups like the pyrex ones without a problem.) I had no idea but was glad I had a scale when I learned that!


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