A Lesson on Humility Pt3

Okay, so if you are a regular fan, you know I went to Tennessee to visit my bestie, and I got stranded in Charlotte on my way home, and then split a room with a complete stranger. Today’s entry brings the third and final installment in my madcap adventure in Charlotte.

My new friend Dee was scheduled to leave Tuesday morning at 11a to see her granddaughter who was only 5wks old and in the hospital in Florida. She left the hotel and came back all before I woke up. Her flight was canceled and rescheduled for 10p Tuesday night. At 1pm, she received a call that her flight was completely canceled for the day. This was about the time I was getting ready to leave for the airport for my 4p flight. I was meticulously checking the airline website on my phone to make sure my flight was still going out.  It looked grim since all the earlier flights had been canceled but I still held out hope. I thanked Dee for all she did for me and off I went! She wished me luck but also mentioned that should I not go out, she’d still be here, and more than happy to bunk with me again.

Once at the airport, I checked the boards and there was my flight with a glowing “on time” next to it. “AWESOME!” I thought, and walked off to get my boarding pass. At the machine, it told me my flight was canceled. My what is what!? I was FLOORED. My heart sank as made my way up to the line waiting to speak to a airline rep.  The line was soooo long. Once in line, I heard the terrible news, “all continental flights were canceled for the day. The only ones leaving today were international.” FML! It was at this point I finally broke down and cried a little. I was soooo frustrated!

After waiting for an hour or so, it was finally my turn and the rep was more than helfpul.  In fact, all the airline reps I spoke to were very sweet and I cannot complain one bit.  Can you imagine the amount of crabby ass people they must have spoken to and yet they still provided service with a smile? I feel compelled to write them a letter because too often do we focus on negative customer service and do not recognize the quality kind.  Having worked in retail, I know how great it felt when I received an unsolicited comment card from a customer.  It reminds you that people can and do appreciate a job well done.

So long story short, I got my new ticket for a 8am flight on Wednesday. While the airline was fabulous, the hotel I stayed out was NOT MY FAVORITE! I waited outside for 1.5hr in the bitter cold for the shuttle to arrive. Company policy states, the shuttle can only go out once an hour. But hey, at least I still had a room to go back to, right? Once I got back to the hotel, I had dinner with Dee at the restaurant across the street.  We learned a little bit about each other and she gave me wedding planning trips, having recently planned her daughter’s.  We also discussed Vera Bradley patterns.  That’s when she admitted that seeing my purse was reassuring to her as we clearly must be kindred spirits if we both like VB. Vera FTW!

Wednesday morning came and we both flew out but not before I was given another opportunity to DISLIKE the hotel. I had to take a taxi to get to the airport because remember, the gosh forsaken shuttle only ran from 6a-11p.  I split a cab with two other gentlemen and one of them paid for all of us. He said it was no problem. The other guy in the cab had just finished telling us how he offered to share his room this lady and her newborn who was sobbing on the phone to her husband.  I have seriously never seen so many acts of kindness all at once.  I was sooo touched to see all these people doing the right thing, just ’cause.  As corny as it seems, it made me rethink about how I approach others.  I definitely need to pay it forward in gratitude for being surrounded by such goodhearted people.

What a way to start the new year right? 2011 clearly has a lot in store for me and I say bring it.

6 thoughts on “A Lesson on Humility Pt3

  1. Steph

    So, SO touching. I think it’s really amazing how people can band together in times of craziness and confusion and need.

    Regardless, I’m so happy you made it home (finally!) safe and sound. I blame global warming 😉

  2. Dancy

    Wow, that’s a serious saga. You’re really good, I would’ve said screw it & tried to get a rental car or at least an Amtrak ticket.
    You should def. write a kind letter. You’re so right about people only writing for the negative. Hey, ya might get a coupon out of it or something!
    You should totally write to Vera too & tell them your story. LOL

  3. Jessica

    Hearing about all these generous people warms my heart! It’s a nice change.

    I’m glad you finally got your flight home, so sorry you got stuck for so long, that majorly sucks. Happy your back though!!


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