You ‘member?

Do you remember when this was a wedding blog? Yeah, me neither. That was way back when and I lasted about a month before I realized I do not have the stamina/enthusiasm to blog about weddings all the flippin’ time.

How unenthusiastic am I bout wedding planning, you ask? The other night, when my future father in law was in town, he talked about his future travels plans to the states, including next year for the wedding and I kid you not, for a few seconds I paused and thought, “oh, I wonder who’s getting married?” Then it dawned on me, OH S*, he means OUR WEDDING, oye.

Yeah… so let me document for you my roller coaster of enthusiasm:

Like those excel skills 😉 haha.  But seriously folks, my feelings been all over the place.  If you refer to chart above, you’ll see I’m finally starting to reach a healthy mid-range level of excitement.

I am on my fifth? theme and I think that’s it. I’m sticking to it. I swear it. In the past week, I made two new ones but ultimately decided on one of them.  I need to do another site visit to clear up a detail but if it goes well, I should have a venue in two weeks tops.  And the biggest reason for a resurgence in interest is I realized,”Crap! People have gotten engaged over Christmas, and New Years, and soon enough, Valentines Day!” and there will be some crazy competition for all the good venues and I do NOT need that added stress.  So after sitting on my hands for almost a year now, I need to hustle and check the biggest item off my list so I can finally have a date and move on with my life 😛

Did you have any crazy revelations this weekend? Or made any fun spreadsheets ;)And someone please tell me they went through these highs and lows during their long engagement too, kthankxbi 😛



8 thoughts on “You ‘member?

  1. Steph

    Oh lady, I go through those ups and downs all. the. time. Right now I’m up-ish, but for a while, especially over the holidays, I was just kind of over it. Plus, I still have a year and a half, so it’s like I need to be doing anything right now, lol.

  2. Jessica

    You got mad Excel skillz yo. Impressive graph. 😉

    When I first got engaged, I was a planning machine. After we got all our vendors set, there were SEVERAL months of down time and I didn’t want to do anything. My mom was hounding me to start DIY projects and I was NOT into it.

    You’ll get the itch once it gets closer, and if you don’t, I’m only a phone call away and am more than happy to help. Haha! 🙂

  3. Maria @ Oh Healthy Day

    Hahaha. This was me last summer. Our engagment will be over 2 years long, so I definitely had my moments of “I don’t give a crap, it will all come together in the end”. I think I went almost 4 months without talking about it at all.

    But no I’m in a surge and I cannot be stopped. Which is good, because those Save the Dates sure as heck don’t mail themselves.

  4. Dancy

    Word. You already know this but to recap: we were engaged 19mo’s, he was unemployed for 10 of it, we spent way too much on a wedding I didn’t want. I can’t tell you the # of times I wanted to run to city hall and not my umpteenth appointment at the bridal salon.

    In the end, I love my man and I loved our day. Is it alot of work for only about 18hours? Yeah, but oh lawd those 18hrs are effing epic!!

  5. Tiffany

    I’ve gone through some and our engagement will be about 4 years long. I just didn’t even think about a wedding for about the first 2 years and then starting to plant some seeds during the 3rd and were finally here. But during my official planning, the ups and lows are definitely there, sometime there’s just too much of everything, and I just have to take a break.

  6. Christina

    Haha love the graph! I’m totally type A, so I loved planning stuff… most of the time. I definitely got sick of doing “projects,” and I was ready to pay someone to finish all of that nonsense for me. I think once everything starts coming together you’ll have more of the highs than lows 🙂


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