The Trip

Right, so I went to Tennessee in early January to see one of my bffs and help her set up her new apartment and I promised you a recap because we did in fact, have fun (before I got stuck in Charlotte :P)

Ags and I ran around town trying to get her settled and find all the knick knacks and what have yous that one needs when they get their own place. On Saturday, Ale came over from Kentucky where he’s been for a few weeks for work, and helped moved furniture and stuff.

Didn’t you know? I date the Biebster himself 😛

When asked where I would like to go for my birthday lunch, this Mexican restaurant Ags and I had passed by the night before came to mind. So we hopped into the Biebmobile and headed over to Limestone:


Ale and I split a combo fajitas for two, and it was FLIPPIN’ delicious, as seen above. Some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever had and I eat a LOT of Mexican, AND have had Mexican food IN MEXICO (like in the capital city, not just at a resort) so if you’re ever in Murfreesboro, check out Limestone.

Afterward, we took the apartment from a  chaotic pile of boxes:

To a cute and cozy retreat:

While in Tennesse, I had the pleasure of visiting my first Hobby Lobby and it was AWESOME! I heard so much about it on the ‘bee and thought, “so what? It’s just a craft store, big whoop.” Um…it’s huge, and full of stuff, for dirt cheap. I will have to make my way to the store in Columbia because it is soooo worth it. I bought Ags that super cute owl you see in the picture for less than $10. CRAZY.

Oh yeah, and then after trekking through the snow and slush before Ags dropped me off at the airport, we finally managed to find an open bbq joint and had pulled pork, mac-n-cheese, baked beans and a sweet corn cake.  Yeah, I was a glutton and wolfed it down, but it was a good thing I did because it ended up being quite the long day at the airport, remember?

And that ladies and gentlemen, is how I spent my 26th birthday. Not bad right?

Planning any trips this year for your birthday?


4 thoughts on “The Trip

  1. Jessica

    Hahahaha, the Biebmobile – I die.

    Glad you had a good time in TN, y’all worked your bums off getting the apartment organized! High five, it would have taken me days to unpack those boxes.

  2. Dancy

    That Mexican dish looks awesome. I’m super jealous you went to Hobby Lobby – I’d never even heard of it before I found wedding blogs. I googled it once – I think the one closest to me is 4hrs away in PA. LOL


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