20 in 10

If you’ve got $20 and 10min to spare, this project is right up your alley.

Assuming you’re like me, and you want to update your walls but you are ghastly afraid of paint and are crippled by the fear that you may hate the color as soon as you splash it on, you will love this project.

For this, you will need:

  • 4 Fabric Stretchers=$10 (2 of each size, or 4 of the same if you want a square) Check out your local art store because not only do they offer a variety of sizes, they tend to offer the best prices on these things. My local art store offers a 10% discount on all purchases.

Fabric stretchers are what people who seriously paint (acrylic, oil, etc) use to stretch canvas. One time I went to pick some up and the cashier said, “Huh. you know, I’ve never stretched my own canvas,” to which I said “Yeah? Me neither, I use ’em to pin up fabric.”

  • Heavy Duty Staple Gun (You might have one in your tool box or you can buy at an art store too)

  • A yard of some fabric you fancy (preferably something bold) which you can buy at Ikea for $7-8
  • An iron

Iron the fabric to get out the wrinkles:

Snap together the fabric stretchers. They are angled on the ends and just slide into place, no glue required:

Lay the fabric down and put your fabric stretcher frame in the middle. Fold over the fabric over the bars and start by stapling the fabric onto the center of each bar and then adding more staples as necessary:

Fold the fabric into crisp corners on the edges and staple…or not (doesn’t matter either way):

Tack a nail in the wall and hang your art on it.ย  Step back and admire your work. (This was 48″x34″ which used up the whole yard of fabric)

Done and done.

I told ya it was easy! Now go forth and decorate! And lemme know if you end up trying this! I’d love to see it ๐Ÿ˜€


9 thoughts on “20 in 10

  1. Hannah

    I use this method to stretch canvas paintings I buy while traveling although I use a regular old stapler! Between the paintings being $2 and our stretchers being cheaper (small town south – everything’s cheaper!) this project is always less than $10 for me!

    I’ve blogged about this method too but I might redirect to yours, its so much easier to follow!

  2. Jessica

    I had no idea people DID stretch their own canvas, I would have probably bought a canvas and stapled fabric right over it! I’m gonna have to try this now, love how it turned out friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Natalie

    I love decorating like this: cheap and easy! What I usually do is just cover foam boards with fabric – good for apartment walls and command strips ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve also used paper before.


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