Hey Ya’ll

On Friday evening, my friends and I decided to get together for our second dinner club night.  This time we picked Paula Deen as our featured theme and goodness was it a good pick!  A&C hosted this time, so for the entree, she made stuffed pork tenderloin, carrot souffle, fluffy mashed potatoes and green beans tossed with pancetta and mushrooms. She is one fabulous cook!  I brought “Shore is Good” seafood dip for starters and Lucy brought the fixings for bananas foster (complete with flambe action) to serve over pound cake and ice cream.  Omg  ya’ll. SOOOO GOOOD.

We were stuffed after dinner so we went downstairs to try out A&C’s new kinect system for xbox before indulging in dessert.  We played some obstacle course game.  We all kept messing up because it was too funny watching one another try to run, leap, and squat! It was quite the workout and we totally deserved the rum soaked bananas afterwards!

A, being the great hostess she is, sent me home with a plate of awesomeness, as seen below:

Needless to say, I happily devoured it the following day. Next time around, we’re thinking of maybe doing Iron Chef, where the boys pick a secret ingredient and the girls divvy up the courses and prep something featuring said ingredient. So we’ll see how that goes, but we are all excited for the next night already!

What did you do this weekend? Try any new recipes?

P.S. I finally compiled all my wedding related posts onto a page which you’ll find a link to at top.

6 thoughts on “Hey Ya’ll

  1. Jessica

    Like I said, I fully intend to move near you so I can join in on all these fun potlucks. Can’t wait to hear about an Iron Chef party! Hope the guys don’t pick some wackadoo ingredient like octopus or geoduck. Ha!

    PS — Stalking your wedding tab now. Prepare for comment overload. 😀


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