It’s Friday! Yay! If you celebrate Valentine’s Day, I hope you have fun this weekend.  Personally, I (we) don’t but probably will do something once the rugrats I may have one day have classroom parties and stuff like that.  Otherwise, Ale & I don’t do anything special seeing as we are always doing things for one another and trying to be more considerate of the other person which sometimes takes more effort than we care to admit 😉

But in any case, I do like arts & crafts in general and one of my new year’s resolution was to make more use of my craft box, in preparation of the diy marathon that my wedding will be, so between two weekends I made a couple of valentines for family and friends. Here’s a sampling:

I think this one’s my favorite (inspired by this card tutorial):

Nothing like a handwritten note to bring a smile someone’s day right?  You get bonus points for sending a handmade card right?

Happy weekend!

6 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Anni

    I love handmade cards, they’re so much better than the store-bought ones with sentimental thoughts pre-written. I don’t even care what they look like, I just love reading what people write!


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