Can You Spot the Difference?

In the following pictures, you will see two tealight votive holders.  Can you spot the differences between the two?

The one on the left is more translucent whereas the one on the right is more opaque and slightly larger with its beveled edge.  Other than those almost unnoticeable differences, there is one clear thing that separates these very similar items and that’s price.  Votive #1 is one whole dollar less than votive #2…which is why I bought 20 of them:

Bargain shopping at its finest, dunchathink? Ever since we picked a venue, I find wedding inspiration everywhere and I find deals even when I’m not actively looking! Things got a whole lot brighter/easier as far as wedding planning goes and I like it!

Have you ever found a similar version of a retail item at a different store for much less and were as excited as me for saving a buck (or 20 in this case)?


7 thoughts on “Can You Spot the Difference?

  1. Jessica

    When I was wedding planning, I got super excited when I found out the Dollar Tree had a website with candles and votives and all kinds of neat and cheap stuff. It’s the little things when you work on a budget that make you happy. Haha

    Good eye with those bargains lady!

  2. Dancy

    Holler at saving money!! You can put them around the house too when the wedding’s over & be reminded of your wedding day all the time. Cheezy yes, but I love stupid little things like that.

  3. Morgan

    That’s great, savings like that really add up! Pretty much every single thing for our wedding I searched and searched until I found the lowest priced option!


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