So my twitter/blog peeps have a Vlog Of The Month Club where they come up with a prompt to blog about and we have all month to post it.  And seeing as I’m a last minute kind of gal (see blog name), I waited till last night to finally get it done!

This month’s prompt was: Show the three things in your home that are *you.*
So yeah…check it:

If you thought that was fun, go look at the other peeps versions here

P.S. I apologize that a)I sound terrible because I’m sick and stuffy, b)you may have to set the volume on high because I recorded so low/quietly and c)I’m so pale and my hair is so big/Mariah Carey from the 90s-esque


4 thoughts on “VOTMC

  1. Layla

    Aw honey. 😦 You sound terrible. I hope you feel better soon. You look cute! 😀

    I still have to look for my turtles! I know I have some left….


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