Manual Mode

Aka How to Have a Super Fun Saturday

Aka How Lucy and I learned how to step out of our comfort zone and shoot in manual

My lovely friend Lucy invited me to take a one day photography workshop with her because I got a Nikon D3100 for Christmas/birthday and I admitted to her that I was rather intimidated by it.

She found out about it by looking through a friend’s facebook wedding pics and she was so enamored with the photographers’ pic, she went to their blog where she found out that Andrea was going to offer a class in February.  So we signed up!

It was an all day thing, from 9-5 with lunch catered by Andrea’s mom. Her mom makes a mean chicken sandwich! And the desserts, holy moly, sooo good!  Course I don’t have any pics of the food…because we gobbled it up too fast, haha.

In the morning we learned about “framing” or using door frames or windows or even just things in nature to balance a portrait and add some visual interest.  We also learned about posing and you should always pose with your body angled as it’s more flattering.

After the morning session and before lunch, Andrea told us to go try out our newly acquired knowledge and Lucy and I called them our “senior portraits” haha.

Ya like my sassy pose? 😛

So after the super awesome lunch, we learned about MANUAL MODE.  Andrea broke it down into aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. She told us to really play around with them to get different effects.  She suggested we stick to natural lightening, and to forget about zoom and really get comfortable getting up close and personal with our photo subject.

As far as the Nikon and Canon debate, she has used both and said she switched to Canon because of the “creamy dreamy” effect it has whereas Nikon gives a more “true to life” look, which I definitely agree with.  She was sooo cool and chill and didn’t talk down to us.  She was a doll and I’m so glad Lucy told me about the class.  We had a lot of fun and we’re both excited to put all that knowledge to good use and cats make good test subjects ’cause they don’t move around a lot 😛


4 thoughts on “Manual Mode

  1. Steph

    Just tweeted you about this because my internet was being dumb, but I’ll say it again.. I so wish I could have been at this class too! I got my D3100 about 2 months ago and I’m still struggling with lighting. I like to work in manual mode but I hate using the flash all the time. Too artificial looking, I think.

    Anyway.. love the cat picture 😉 99% of my pics are of the cats too!

  2. Jessica

    Next time there’s a class offered near you, me and Steph need to come! I get so confused with all that stuff. I get one setting down pat and then it messes up the next time I take pictures. Hmpht. :/

  3. Emily B

    1. I’m mildly obsessed with Tyrone. I hope that’s ok
    2. I’m so scared of my Nikon.
    3. I’m even more scared of manual mode. I mean, I’ve used it a bit, but holy intimidation, Batman!


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