Mish Mosh

My weekend involved a haircut by none other than Emily‘s (I’m kind of obsessed with her, but then again, who isn’t?) wonderful sister in law who happens to be a great hair stylist!  Brianna was soo cute and sweet and I’m in love with her and will gladly drive 50min away to get my hair done by her from now on! 

Yes…that would be me taking a picture inside of a dressing room at the mall..haha. I decided to stop by after the cut and man oh man! Remind me NEVER to go to the mall on a Saturday night, not one of my best ideas.  The children either look like little raggamuffins or streetwalkers.  I kid you not, there were these two girls with some lady I assume to be one of their mother and I wish I should have snapped a pic without being a creeper.  This child (she was probably early teens 13-14) was wearing these crazy tights, tiny skirt, blue eyeshadow and was clopping around in heels too big for her.  ::sigh::

Anyways…so I was obsessed with this top I saw featured in Real Simple Magazine’s March issue and ordered it as soon as it became available.  I wanted to love it! I really did!  However, I will be sending it back, the fit wasn’t flattering :(.  That’s what I get for ordering online and trying to be trendy. Boo.

SPEAKING OF TRENDS (I’m coming full circle, I swear) I bought these wannabe wayfarers at Forever 21 for $1.50 for when the inner hipster in me wants to come out and play:

Yeah…that’d be Tyrone, he follows me EVERYWHERE, he’s the closet thing I have to a dog, seriously.

Here’s to the start of a great week!

17 thoughts on “Mish Mosh

  1. Jessica

    I told you before and I’m gonna say it again, you’re gorg. The hair looks fabulous girl!

    Stinks that the top didn’t work out for you, it looks cute but you’ll rock those glasses and look hot. 😉

  2. Steph

    The hair looks so good! I’m also thinking of getting Em’s SIL to cut my hairs next time.. you may have just convinced me to make that drive!!

  3. Emily B

    I’m so glad your hair worked out! Brianna is my hair guru. She can seriously tell you anything you would ever want to know about hair and chemicals and all that crap. Such a smarty pants. And so cute 🙂

    And you’re right, going to the mall on a Saturday night (or Friday night) is absolutely terrifying. The sad part is, I used to be one of those annoying kids. I’d like to apologize to all of humanity for that.

  4. Dancy

    So cute!! I want to try a new stylist my SIL goes to. Her cuts & highlights only cost her $65. Mine cost $160. 😦

  5. kjpugs

    LOVE your hair, you are seriously gorg!

    And WHERE is that top from? I love that top/scarf combo. Makes me want to renew my Real Simple magazine subscription!

  6. Lauren @ 31 diy

    Thanks for your nice comment on my painted desk. 🙂

    Your hair looks so pretty, and I love the shades too! You can’t beat $1.50!

    PS- I can relate to your blog header. I’m a student too, and I definitely procrastinate with my schoolwork by doing projects and posting them on my blog. 😉


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